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 Lost Souls of Malaysia Airlines, Flight MH370

"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" - The Captain #41

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the missing Malaysia airlines flight Mh370 and my heart is heavy. I am disappointed in myself for not following through on a promise I made to over 50 loving souls lost on that fateful flight. Now I ask that the messages be shared publicly so they find their way home to those who need to hear them.
One by one, they came to me in a unique opportunity to tell their story, send their message and to be recognized. I, for fear of retaliation of every kind, from the living, sat on this sacred manuscript for the entire year. I have disappointed many loving spirits who trusted me; that trumps any retribution hurled my way by the living.
In no particular order, I will begin posting my connections with the loving spirits who asked that a message be given to their loved ones. I will give the nationality of each loving soul I connected with and the date of the connection, only if I am asked will I divulge the name, and only to immediate family. Please understand; the universe and all of the loving souls who requested I speak for them have my back, so tread lightly those of you who condemn me for fulfilling my promise to the deceased.
I will do my best to post one connection daily. It has been brought to my attention that some of you, who are following these Facebook posts, ask why I didn't speak sooner. Timing for one thing and I did speak earlier. Refer to my E-Book on Amazon, A BLINDING BALL OF LIGHT. 

"A ball of light traveled from the sky in front of us, then over our heads, and past us. I began seeing vivid images. I could see mangled up metal and miscellaneous debris. This is my experience, as a Psychic Medium, as I walked through the crash site and talked with some of the brave, loving souls that perished on that day" - excerpt from A BLINDING BALL OF LIGHT: Malaysia Airlines, flight Mh370
The following connections have not been edited. They have been documented and now are being relayed to the world in the exact words used by myself and loving spirit. I AM MERELY THE MESSENGER. Please share these posts in an effort to pass their sacred messages to their families and the world.
I will proceed in the direction as I am guided. I didn't think I would be doing this, but I feel this is the right time to do it. The following is a list of names of those loving souls I connected with. These are the passengers who have messages to the world and their families. We had a short window of opportunity to connect and I am regretful that I could not connect with everyone who wanted to speak at that time.
It is my honor to be in service of these loving souls by publishing their names and sending their messages to the world and their loved ones. 
These names are listed as they are on the flight manifest, please forgive any unintentional typos. If a name looks familiar, please contact me.
Gale Stein/Lori Vough McEwen - Facebook 

Names of Passengers & Crew who Connected with Gale
Oleh Chustrak,  Muzi Yusop, Christine Tan Ser Kuin, Guan Huajin, Nikolai Brodski, Patrick Francis Gomes, Sergi Deineka, Ng Yar Chien, Junaidi Bin Mohd Kassim,  Dina Hashim, Foong Wai Yueng, Fariq Abdul Hamid, Captain Shaw, Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, Mohd Khairul Amri Selamat, Norli Akmar Hamid, Muhammad Razahan Zamani, Anne Daisy, Nor Fadzillah Matrahim, Rodney and Mary Burrows, Safaun Ramlan, Gaosheng Meng, Henry Suadaya, Lawton, Dr. Yue Chen Lee,  Wang Linshi, Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrad (Christian Kozel).     

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"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" -The Captain


My spirit guide is showing me that a device was detonated on board MH370 and the plane was blown into many many pieces mid air, the explosion was so intense that the pieces are literally scattered so far apart across the ocean, some are even now stuck and partially buried in the ocean. This device being detonated was a deliberate act of terror which was very carefully planned and conducted. The person responsible sacrificed their own life in order to carry out this sickening attack and they did it as an extremist. This person didn’t act solely and had some assistance and was encouraged to act this way in revenge by terrorist groups. I am being told by my spirit guide that it happened instantly so like one press of a button and the plane was blown to smithereens.

I am told by my spirit guide that the odd piece may be recovered from the ocean over time and even years and years into the future but the plane is in so many small pieces that basically no. The only way the mystery will be resolved is if the authorities can trace the making and gaining of materials of the explosive device here to someone who was on board that plane and then they can start to piece together the puzzle but still it’ll never be a definite answer and would be left as a ‘it’s likely this happened’.

Psychic Answers MH370 (https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/929035/MH370-terrorism-suicide-bomber-psychic-4th-anniversary)

Psychic Zandra Marie de Vere

“ Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah did eveything he could to save his plane and passengers but with smoke and fumes in the cockpit and the oxygen system compromised, he lapsed into unconsciousness and the flight was doomed” said Zandra Marie.

“The cargo hold has the answers – I saw electrical arcing and sparking and a grey acidic smoke that started an hour into the flight. I saw melted wires but not a fire as such. The Captain knew he had to put the plane back on the ground and diverted to a Malaysian seaside town but was unconscious within ten to 15 minutes of the emergency. The plane continued on after reaching the new waypoints.”

“The copilot’s photograph gives me a feeling of heat under the flight deck floor and a darkening cockpit. His last thoughts were for the woman he was going to marry as he lapsed into unconsciousness before the pilot.”

Ms. De Vere said that Zaharie was a dedicated pilot who remained completely focused in the face of adversity beside a panicked copilot. He is a hero in the true sense of the word and will be vindicated once the wreckage is found. He was looking forward to meeting a particular lady that day and she was uppermost in his thoughts before the emergency. He was a happy person who had a good life and he enjoyed life. He was not going to spoil that for anything.

“I have looked over the photographs of a number of the missing passengers and all of the results were the same: they all lost consciousness after struggling to breathe. There was no movement at all before the plane crashed into the ocean. Suicide or sabotage were not factors in the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight no MH 370 – of that I am sure.

“In terms of location of the wreckage, I feel the plane is more to the north and in one or two major pieces having entered the water at an angle with one wing higher then the other. I don’t see that it flew as far south to the area that is currently being searched. The wreckage will be found and the secrets of MH 370 will be given up so that something like this never happens again.

“I feel for the families who not only have had to deal with the grief and anxiety of their loved ones going missing but they have also had to endure endless scrutiny and speculation that they must find to be extremely distressing.”

Psychic Zandra Marie de Vere gives her insights

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