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#17 Female, Malaysian

I made my connection with female, as soon as I did, I heard her say, "Sit down and be quiet". I asked her what she meant and she said, "She told him to sit down and be quiet". I asked her if she meant to say, "He", and she stated, that she was sure a female flight attendant spoke those words to a passenger.
Female said, "There was a bunch of noise and arguing. Then there was a large bang and smoke filled the aisles. We tried to get away but there was nowhere to go. At that point everyone was screaming, it got dark, there were no lights".
I asked female, "What did you notice before the commotion?" She replied, "Nobody said anything, it happened so fast, but why, why would we die?"
"Why do you think this happened?" I asked her. Female replied, "Because they hate us, the ones who took charge of the plane". I asked her, "How many she saw, she said, "It was very confusing, there was a big group in front of me, standing in the aisles in front of me. The flight attendant was telling people to, "Sit down and be quiet, we have something to tell you, you must listen. The plane is going to crash and you are all going to die, quickly put your heads down and pray".
I asked female if she had any messages she would like passed along, she replied, "I will miss my life but I have a new life now, a better life". I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell the world, she said, "You need to take better care of your people, there is too much misery and you should be ashamed. They don't care about us or they wouldn't have let this happen". I told female, "Some people believe that you are still alive". "Alive", she said, and continued with, "Show me one!"
I asked female if I could pray for her, she consented. I thanked all involved in helping me to make this connection and ended it.
Gale Stein

#18 Female, Malaysian

Upon connecting with female, I heard the words, "You should not have done that, pulled him out that way". She said she was going to "Lock him down, put him out in his seat for being disruptive". At this point, I am not positive who is speaking to me. I am not sure if female is speaking these words or if these are words she heard and is now relaying to me. Female tells me that she is respectful of me. I told her that, "It is my honor that she consented to speak with me".
Suddenly the area began to fill with spirits, these spirits were devoid of detail, but they surrounded her. She said that they were for "Interrogation purposes". I explained to her that I was not interrogating her, that I come with only love in my heart to hear messages". In addition, "It is not for me to judge". Then she stated, "They are my family". I said, "So, you are with your family now". She replied, "Yes, they are accepting of me and that I am being treated very well, with love, kindness and support". I asked female if it would make her more comfortable if I covered my hair while I spoke to her. She replied, "No, it is not necessary, I know you are here to do God's work".
Female wanted to begin by saying, "I appreciate my father greatly, and I bow to my mother in respect. For the world, you must not blame yourself; you did not make this happen, you did not choose this path for us; God, Allah, chose this path. We are paving the way for our children. "He is going to kill us in the name of Allah".
Female shows me the image of what she remembers happening on the plane before the crash. She shows me a female flight attendant walking very quickly down the aisle, telling each row of passengers, "Stay seated, stay quiet". The crew goes row to row of seats and repeats this statement, "Stay seated, stay quiet". Female states, "you must understand, I have no knowledge of what is going on". Female continues with, "I was there merely to observe, I was only watching the chaos ensue".
I asked female if she knew she was going to die that day, "I was sent to die", she replied. Then she said, "Someone near me was crying, a woman I believe. I wondered why she was crying, has she lost her faith, I wondered". Female shares more of what she heard on the plane, "You cannot tell me what to do, I am in charge now. Go back to your seat and sit down". I asked female to show me through her eyes and ears what happened.
"Taking responsibility for your actions, pull yourself together and act like a man", is what she heard. I asked female why she thinks this happened, she replied, "There are too many secrets". I said, "Secrets or lies". She responded with, "You have to tell lies to protect your secrets". I asked her if these where her secrets and she said, "Some are my secrets". I asked her if she works for the cause, she replied, "I suffer for the cause". Then she said, "I lied, I have many secrets".
I asked female if she would like to tell me one of her secrets, she said, "I am a brave soldier". I asked her if she had ever killed someone, or had someone killed, she replied, "I provide information". Then she said, "Everything went as planned". I said, "Really, everything went a planned, are you sure?" Female replied with, "He did what he was told, in the end, the result was clear".
I told female, "You know what I think; I think he was told to fly that plane into a populated area to kill many, many people and he refused. He went on his own and killed only those on the plane and himself. He had to make a decision". Female replied, "Perhaps, you don't know me". I replied, "No, sweetheart, I don't know you, I am trying to get some information", she then said,"Your information is incorrect". Then I asked female, "please correct me", she said, "It was not, (_____) that ordered this attack, you are greatly mistaken, you are miss-informed". The name she said sounds like, (Muhamad Ahsim).
I asked her "Who ordered this attack?" She gave no reply. I asked her why nobody was taking credit for the attack; her response was, "So we will rise again, so we will have the opportunity to rise again. We know the truth, you cannot squash us, and we will rise above to be free, to live forever. Mark my words, there will be more each day that will die.. You cannot prevent it. The world will see it and in time you will know who we are".
I asked female, "Do you think there was a bomb on the plane, and do you think that the plane blew up?" Female replied with, "The plane was to be destroyed, that's all I know". I explained to female why the captain did not try a crash landing in the ocean, it has been done before successfully, or why did he not have an emergency landing at any airport. Female said, "The captain did what he was told to do". I asked female if she knows how a bomb got on board, and she said, "Through the seats. Do you think it's impossible, you just need one person to look the other way".
I asked female what she would like to tell the world, she said, "Tell the world, there is more coming and you cannot stop us". I asked her if I could pray for her, she replied, "I do not need you to pray for me". Then I asked her if I could ask the universe to protect her, she replied, "I have my own protection".
I thanked her and was saying good-bye when she told me, "You will be lied to by many. Be strong in your faith". I asked her if she thought that captain Shah would lie to me, she said, "Captain Shah has been instructed to tell the truth". I asked her, "Will he?" Female replied, "We shall see". I asked female, "What evidence is on the plane that he does not want to be found?" She replied, "He does not want to be found because he does not want the truth to be known; if the plane is found the truth will be known". I told female, "He is regretful you know. He came to me after the plane had crashed and told me he was regretful". Female replied, "He is weak, and perhaps he is filling your head with lies". I told female, "I would like one person to tell me the truth and I would like that person to be you. Would you be willing to do that?"
Female responded with, "He has things to hide, I will tell you this, I did not have direct contact with him". I asked her if she heard him speaking on the intercom". He said, "He spoke of lies, he spoke of his home and how his life was a lie and how he could not go on with so many lies, He is a victim of society".
Before we said our final good-bye, I asked her again if she had a hand in bringing this plane down, she looked me in the eyes and said, "No, I did not, but I could have". As she turned to walk away, she turned to me and said, "One final thing, look under the mattress, you may find a clue there".
Gale Stein

#19 Female, Chinese

Upon connecting with female, I felt joyful. She started out by talking about a birthday, I asked her if she were referring to my birthday, which is this month, (April). She replied, "Yes, I would like to paint you a flower for your birthday". My heart filled with humility and love at that moment. I told her, "I would accept your gift and that I would be honored to hang her art in my home". I then explained to her that I was connecting with her to take messages to her family and ask if she felt like talking about the plane crash. I asked her if she had a message for the world, she said, "I will paint you a big flower in the sky".
I asked her how she was doing, she replied, "I'm OK" She then said, "I really don't know what happened". I asked her if she was with family and she said, "There is beauty all around me, everywhere I look, there is peace and calm. I can paint and I am free". I asked her about her family, she said, "Yes, there is a place for them right here next to me when they come". She continued with, "It's very generous here, not like down there, the living, where it's hurry, hurry. Up here, it is calm and quiet and you can take your time, there is no need to hurry, no need to rush, you can savor your moments". She then said, referring to her family, "When you look at my art, remember me".
I told female that there are some people who believe that the plane is parked somewhere and that all of the passengers are being held hostage. Female replied, "Nonsense, I am in heaven, I am at peace. That is their wishful thinking". I asked her how she feels about what happened on the lane, she said, "I have risen above that". I asked her if she would be willing to share with me what she remembers happening on the plane, she said, "They were all told to remain in their seat, that we will be turning back. Many people were getting sick, air sick, myself included". I can see that female is not willing to discuss it further, so I stopped the questioning and asked her for her final words to the world and her family, she replied, "I wish you love and peace". She then refers to children, perhaps grandchildren, she said, "You must grow up without me, but I will be there in spirit watching over you. Enjoy my flowers and I will be in my flowers always there for you".
I prayed for her and thanked her. I ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#20 Male, Malaysian

Upon connecting with male, I told him that I was connecting with him to send messages to his family, friends, and the world on his behalf, also to hear his account of what happened on the plane, I asked male why he did not take a photo of himself for posting on Facebook while sitting in Business class waiting for the remaining passengers t board the plane, he replied, "We were not allowed to". I asked him "Why?" and he said, "Radio interference".
I asked male to recall what happened, "The jet took off, and we were on our way like nothing happened. We were told to stay in our seats and be quiet, there was a problem. We are going to circle around". I asked male if he thought there was a hijacker with a bomb on board the plane, he said, "I didn't see that". Then he said, "We were told to stay calm and quiet. They didn't want to upset somebody, somebody was upset". Then he said, "But they are hiding something, they are not telling the truth".
Male continued with, "Up front, I heard someone shouting, you cannot tell me what to do". Male said he was feeling a lot of tension coming from the front, anxiety and tension. He continued with, "The plane was bumping, jerking and jumping". Then he said, "There was a fist fight up front, somebody was hitting another. Two men were fighting one was hit in the face, like throwing punches. The crew was telling people, stay calm, stay quiet, stay in your seats". Then he said he heard, "Why do you do this to us, are you out of your mind? You must take us home please I beg of you, take us home. You have no right, you have no right". Then male said, "A man said, you, all of you, listen, today you are going to die. You will do as I say, no one will help you now. There is nowhere to go. You are my family now and we will all die together. Now put your heads down like good little children and pray".
Male shows himself pointing at the man and speaking to another passenger. Male says, "We can fight him", and the person he is speaking to says, "No you must not, he will kill us all, you must understand he has the ability to kill us all". I thanked male and asked him what messages he would like to give to his family. He said, "I would like to thank my family, they were so generous to me, how could I ever repay them. They have my deepest gratitude, I am very grateful". I asked male what he wanted to tell the world, he said, "What can I say but good-bye", as he blew a kiss to the wind.
I asked male how he was doing, he replied, "I'm OK, now I am in the wind. I can see very far, there is no pain for me here. I see all that is coming and going". I tell him that, "There are some that believe the plane has not crashed and that some of you are surviving, held hostage". Male replied, "How can that be, they must give us peace and let us go". I asked him what he would consider a proper burial, he said, "Cast me to the wind and think of me often. I will be a guardian angel". Then he asked the question, "I trust that you can see me?" I replied, "Yes". He then said, "Tell my mother I love her and I will think of her often". I asked him if he had any words for the captain, he said, "I pray you will help end this soon. Be the man you were meant to be and put an end to this for all of our sake".
I prayed for male, thanked him and said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#21 Female, Malaysian

I asked female if she would like to begin by sending messages to her family. Female said, "My family, they don't know that I'm dead, they think I'm still alive". I told her, "I don't know what they think, now is your opportunity to explain what happened".
Female said, "First of all I want them to know that I am no longer alive. They need to get that into their head".
I asked her if she had something she wanted to tell the world, she said, "How stupid you are for letting this happen, none of us deserved this". I asked her how she was doing, if she was OK, she said, "Probably better than the captain, he will rot in hell for what he did. He is no man, no man would do this. You ruined everyone's life, why would you do this. There is no place for you here, in heaven, you must never come here".
I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her or if there was anything the captain could do to help her, she replied, "I need a proper burial, I don't want to be buried next to him", (referring to the captain).
I asked her if she knew where the plane is, and she said, "How would I know?" I asked her if she had talked to anyone who knows where the plane is, she replied, "It's in the deep blue sea". I asked female if I could give her a hug, I then called for angels to surround her giving her hugs.
I asked her how her life in heaven is, she told me, "I don't want to start my life in heaven until this is resolved". I told her, "If the captain tells me where the plane is, we may be able to lay this matter to rest, however he is unwilling to tell me. I think perhaps all of the passengers should speak to him and convince him to tell me". Female said, "They don't care about us, they left us here to die".
I asked female, "Did you have an opportunity to text or call your family when you got onto the plane?" She replied, "It's jammed". I asked her, "What was jammed". She said, "The signal was jammed, we couldn't get out". I asked her how she thought they were able to do that. She said, "He had a jamming device".
I asked her if she knew of other men involved. She said, "There was one man, he is in charge now". I asked her if he was one of the crew. She said, "He stood up and held something in his hand and said he is in charge". She continued with, "I worked hard to get where I am and he took that all away from me, I had plans, big plans".
I asked her again, "Do you know where the plane is?" She looked down toward her feet and said, "It's in the bottom of the ocean". I asked her if she thought it was in one piece. She said, "It is in many pieces". I asked her, "How could it be in many pieces, was there a bomb on board?" She replied, "I want a photograph out and a candle lit next to the photograph, and for people to pray for me". I asked her if I could pray for her, she agreed.
When I finished praying for her, I was shown the image of a female flight attendant leaning into her and saying, "Sit quietly". Female was finished speaking to me.
I thanked female and said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#22 Male, Malaysian

Upon connecting with male, he said, "There was an explosion on the plane, how do you think it went down". Then he said, "I was very nervous on the plane, something did not seem right. Communications were down".
I asked male if he would like to send messages for his family and the world. "The world, the world will never understand what happened on this plane. The truth has been buried". Male then said, "I knew something was not right". I then heard the word, "electrical". Male stated, "I was very nervous and un-easy on this flight". I told male that many people need closure and that the truth must come out. Male replied, "It's all a lie, it's all a scam. They do not know the truth; the truth is buried with the plane. If you could see the truth, it would make you sick".
I asked male to show me the truth, to tell me the truth. I was then hearing, "If you move I will kill you". I see a man with something in his hand to threaten others. He is wearing a jacket, a jacket that seems too large for him. I then got an indication that there was a bomb. I don't know if the bomb was being held by the man or if it was attached to the man under his jacket.
I asked male, "How could this man get on the plane?" Male replied, "There are many ways to get on a plane". Then I heard the word, "Cargo".
I asked male if he thought it was a spur of the moment action. Male replied, "This was well-planned out and executed. The man was speaking Arabic and waving something around in his hand over his head for all to see".
Male stated, "I heard him say, you will listen, I am in charge now. You will do as the captain says. If you cause me trouble, I will kill you. The blood will be on your hands. Soon you will all die, it is God's will. Your captain will show you the way".
Male said, "I kept thinking, why don't you take him down". Then he said, "We were all told to stay in our seats and stay calm and be quiet". Male continued with, "Somebody asked why is this being done, and the response was, you know why". I asked male, "Did you look out the window, did you see if you were over the ocean?" Male said, "I don't trust the captain anymore. Because he said to put our heads down, we are going to die. I kept thinking, you can't do this to us; there must be something we can do. We can't just sit here and do nothing". He then said, "We were driven to madness, I am so angry at the captain, I want to kill him".
I asked Male why he was so angry with the captain; I was under the impression another man did this. Male responded, "They worked together. I will kill him myself for this, if we get out of this alive, I will kill him myself with my bare hands". Male continued with, "He is trying to scare us". I asked male, "How is he trying to scare you?" Male said, "He is making us sick so we can't do anything. If I see him, I will kill him". I asked male, "What about the man with the gun or bomb", male said, "He is stupid, the captain knows better".
I asked male if he remembered the crash. Male said, "No, I don't remember the crash, perhaps we were all dead before the plane crashed". I asked male how he was doing, he said, "I see my family cries for me and they are waiting for answers. Tell them I love them and I want to say good-bye. I wanted the chance to say good-bye. I did not want to leave them this way. There is pity in their eyes, but I do not need your pity. I am strong and I am safe. You must let this go we will handle it here. There is justice in heaven; some wish it more than others".
I asked male, "Is it important for you to know where the plane crashed?" He replied, "There is no need, we are not there. We do not want to be remembered for that, we want to be remembered in your hearts. I wish this did not happen, but it did, I have accepted my fate and I will move on, and the rest of you should do the same. We live in your hearts so how can you forget us".
Male said, "I never should have gotten on that plane, I had a bad feeling, I knew something was wrong right away, I should have gotten off. But perhaps I needed to be on it to tell the story". I told male "Yes sir, you have been very helpful and forthright and many are grateful and appreciative. I honor you for your bravery"
I asked male if I could pray for him, he agreed.
As I was saying good-bye, he held a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand, he said, "Please give these to my mother".
Before I ended my connection, male showed an image of himself with a bloodied nose. I am not sure if this was something that occurred on the plane or if it was a medical condition he had and showed it to me as a means to help identify him to his family.
Gale Stein

Second connection #22

Upon connecting with male, I asked male if he participated in opening the doors for an emergency escape, he replied, "We never got that far". I asked him if he recalled at any time during the flight, the flight attendant instructing him to move to another seat for safety issues. He responded with, "No, it was important for me to remain where I was in case I was needed for assistance. A female flight attendant instructed me to remain in my seat. I recall violent jerking and remember thinking it was coming to an end. I was bracing for impact"
I was shown the image of the airplane hitting the water nose first and flipping upward, landing with the bottom of the plane exposed to the sky.
I asked Male, "What do you remember about the time getting from the plane to where you are now?" He said, "I remember thanking God that it was over because I felt so peaceful, quiet and calm". I asked male, "Where are you now?" He said, "I was walking in a green valley with other passengers, we were being led somewhere. I could see people moving in different directions. Then I heard my name called. They told me to come to them and that they will take me home. I felt very drawn to go with them. I felt like it was the right thing for me to do, as if I belonged there".
I asked male if he recalls a fire on the airplane, he replied, "I kept thinking, we must hurry and get out of this airplane, there is no time to waste. We need to get out, we need to get away, but there is nowhere to go".
I thanked male for his help and bravery. I ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#23 Male and Female, Indonesia

Upon connecting with male, I explain to him that I am here to receive messages from him to his family. In addition, ask him if he would like to describe what happened on the plane the day it crashed. I then mentioned to him, "I assume your wife is with you". It was then that his wife, female stepped in and stood by his side.
I addressed them both and asked if they had messages for the family, female, immediately spoke, she said, "They lied to us. They told us we were going home, but we did not. I thought I was going home to my babies. They should not have lied to us. Maybe I could not accept the truth, but lying made it worse".
Male said, "We were trapped, there was nowhere to go, how could I help my family, there was nothing I could do. We held hands; we expressed our love for one another".
I asked them if they knew what had happened. Female answered, "They said there was some trouble, there was some turbulence, and that we must turn back. I was worried about my children, what would happen to my children". Then female gives this message to her children, "Mommy will never stop loving you, I see you every day, I watch you grow. I love you very much. Daddy and I are in heaven together, so do not worry about us. We will make a life here for you when you are ready to come. Until then I am watching you and my heart is with you".
Male says, "My kids are my world, I will miss them very much". Then female says, "We know they are in good hands and that they will be loved deeply". I asked them what they wanted to say to their parents, Male said, "We are very grateful to them, and we thank them very much. We honor them for the task. We will do all that we can in heaven to ensure a peaceful life for you". Female says, "All I could think of is that I wanted to get back to my babies".
Male said, "I wondered why it was taking so long? Shouldn't we be back by now, but we just kept flying, it was taking too long". I asked them what the flight attendants were telling them. Female said, "They told us, you must stay in your seats and remain calm, that is all we can tell you for now". I asked them "Is there anything they wanted to tell the world?" Female said, "We are at peace, we don't want anything to do with your war, leave that at home, we don't want anything to do with it". Then angrily, she said, "You tell that captain, he should have taken us home. I am ashamed for him". She continued addressing the captain by saying, "Look what you've caused because you would not take us home. Why do you get away with this" You should be punished".
I asked male if there were men waving guns saying that the plane was being hi-jacked?" Male replied, "No, I did not see such a thing". I asked male to tell me what he heard. He said, "We are going to crash, put your heads down". Male angrily continues with, "They are liars they are all liars". Male states that he also heard them say, "You must remain calm, stay in your seats, and remain calm". 
Female tells me, "We are happy now, don't worry about us. Your life is for you to live and you must live it fully". I explained to female and male that some people believe that the plane was to land somewhere and that you are still alive and taken hostage, how do you feel about that?" Female responded with, "I am alive, where, where am I alive?" as she touches various parts of her image. Male says, "No, we are in heaven with the angels; tell my children we are in heaven with the angels watching over them. We are together, we are fine, and we are at peace. We did not want to go, but now that we have we must all accept it".
I asked male if there was something he wanted to tell the captain, male says, "Why must you take more, tell them what they want to know". I asked female if she wanted to say something to the captain, she said, "How dare you take me away from my babies, you should be ashamed. There is no place for you here, you must settle this matter".
I asked them if I could pray for them, they agreed. When I finished prayers, I saw them walking away from me hand in hand down a green meadow.
Gale Stein

#24 Unknown passenger, Female, unknown nationality.

I address the group of passengers as a collective to ask them who has a memory they want to share regarding what happened on the plane.
A woman raised her hand. I walked toward her and asked her what she remembers. She said, "I opened my eyes and I saw stars, like in a night sky". She then showed me the image of a male figure reaching his arm down to her; she took hold of his hand. Up and out of the water, he pulled her to meet him.
When she came out of the water, she showed herself as a young girl. The man picked her up in his arms and said, "I've got you now". He then walked away with the woman/girl in his arms.
Gale Stein

#25 Male, Malaysian two connections

Upon beginning my connection with male, I hear, "My wife is very upset, tell her not to be. I am flying like a bird and I have no pain. It is fine up here, I am still me, and I am fine. I will wait for you and when you come, we will be together. I will watch the babies grow up, no need to worry, I will be there, and that is what I will do".
Male continues with, "I feel no pain, I am still me, and I am fine". I asked male if he wanted to send a message to his children, he replied, "Tell them to grow up proud of me. I did nothing wrong, I tried to help but there was nothing we could do".
I asked male if he had a message for the world, he said, "I have no message, I am free. I do not care what you do, I am free. I do not care what you do; it has nothing to do with me anymore. I did my best".
I asked male if he could tell me or show me what happened. Male, while showing me the image of him in the water, said, "I saw myself in the water, and then I knew we crashed".
Male became agitated and began to ramble off phrases that he remembered hearing. I cannot tell what order he heard them, I am recording them word for word in the order he told them to me. He said, "We have to land. We were taken by surprise. This is news to me. You do not know what you are talking about. He is crazy; he wants us to go with him. Why do we have to go? I don't believe it".
I could see that male was becoming increasingly agitated so I diverted the subject to his children again. I asked male what it was that he wanted his children to know. Male replied, "I love you and daddy is here for you. Remember me in your prayers. Grow up big and strong and be kind to your mother".
Male had calmed down considerably so I asked him to tell me about what he remembers being said or done on the plane. Male rattles off these phrases, "There was a man, a man that said he was taking over the ship. You do what I say; there is no room for error. There is no time to waste, you will die soon. Put your heads down and pray". I try to see who it is that is speaking the phrases that male is repeating, but I cannot see a face. The only thing I am able to see is the captain speaking on the microphone.
I was losing my connection with male, so quickly I drew his attention to his wife. I asked male what he would like to say to his wife, He said, "I want to thank her for being so good to me and I enjoyed all the hours we spent together. You have my blessings; do with your life as you will".
Male then says, "Oh and tell the captain I know it wasn't his fault. What could he do?" I told male that some of the passengers believe that the captain was in on crashing the plane. Male shook his head from side to side and said, "I just can't believe it, tell him I forgive him. I forgive him and I will be on my way. I hope God forgives him". I told male that he is an extraordinary man. Male smiled. I thanked him and ended my connection
Gale Stein

Second connection #25

I asked male to help me understand what happened on the plane, to tell me everything he remembers. I asked him what was it that he did to try to help. Male said, "I heard the man say he was taking over the plane. I told the man, No! I can't let you get away with that". Male said he got up out of his seat and was going to fight the man. Male continued with, "The man told me, get back in your seat or I will kill you first".
Male told me, "I tried to think of something I could do, I looked around to try to think of something I could do". Male looked me in the eye and said, "If you go there you will die". I asked male, "If I go where?" Male replied, "To where the captain says, to where he is taking you".
I asked male, "He is taking you somewhere, why?" Male replied, "To change". I asked male, "To change planes?" Male answered, "Yes, this one is in trouble, so we must go and change planes".
I asked male, "Why didn't you just go back to the airport?" Male replied, "What's taking so long?" Male continued with, "Then the man said he was in charge". I asked male if this man was a crew member.
Male then did something I am not sure how to explain, he looked at me and while pointing at me he said, "I advise you to stay away". This was totally out of character for male. I believe he was repeating something that was said to him or another on the plane. By whom, I don't know. Or perhaps it was a threat to me as I am getting closer to the truth.
I asked male to show me the image of what the man looked like, the man who keeps telling him he is in charge. Male shows me the image of a man wearing a suite, as if he may be a crew member; he wears dark slacks and a dark jacket to match. This man holds something in the palm of his hand; this is what he holds up over his head to show all that he has power and that he is in control.
Male again begins to rattle off phrases of what he heard, he tells me, "I am in charge now, go back to your seats. We have been instructed to land in a new location. We will go there now". I asked male if anybody is trying to call for help on their cell phones. Male says, "We are not allowed, it is disruptive, it is disruptive to the airplane. I want to tell my family but I cannot. They will be so worried".
I asked male, "Is the plane on fire?" male said, "There is gas, there is gas to fuel the fire and now we cannot land. We are not allowed to land. The captain says we can't land, that we are not allowed to land". I asked male who it was that said they are not allowed to land, I asked him if it was the man in charge. Male replied, "The man said it is inevitable we are all going to die, put your heads down and pray".
I asked male, "Do you know if you were over the ocean when the man told you this?" Male replied, "They lied to us". I asked male, "Who lied to you?" Male said, "They said we were going to land and we didn't". I asked male if there was a fire on board the plane. Male answered, "We were in trouble". I asked male if he ever saw the captain come out to talk to the passengers. Male said, "The man told him to get back in there, he is in charge now. He has been given new coordinates and we will fly there now".
I asked male why he felt sorry for the captain. Male replied, "He looked the other way, he looked the other way when the other man was talking, clearly the other man was in charge".
I asked male if he had any final words for his wife and children, male said, "My wife is a very brave woman for having to see me go through all of this. Tell my children their daddy was a hero". I told male, "You certainly are a hero".
I asked male one final question before I said good-bye. I asked him if he saw the man kill anybody. Male said, "He killed us all".
I asked male if I could pray for him and he agreed. Then I asked him if he would pray for me.
His prayer went like this, "Dear God, help this lady tell the world what I saw".
I thanked male and asked if I could call on him again in the future if needed, he agreed. We said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#26 Male, Chinese

Upon connecting with male, I hear him say, "Wow, look at that plane go, I don't know how he is going to fly that plane with a hole it".
I asked male if he had any messages for his family and friends, he said, "I thought maybe I should go up there and fly this plane for him. Maybe he can't figure it out; I should go up and help him".
I asked male how he was doing and he said, "There are no crashes up in heaven". I asked male what he wanted to say to his parents, he said, "Tell hem hi; I can look out for them from up here now".
I asked male if he had anything he wanted to tell his friends, he replied, "Of course I will miss everybody, but I will make new friends. I have new friends now, but I won't forget my old friends. We had a lot of fun together. It's more of the same, but in a different place".
I asked him if he would like to talk about the plane again, he replied, "I wondered why he can't fly this plane, I'll go up and help him if he can't fly this plane". Then male asked, "Why is it taking so long?" I replied to male, "Why is what taking so long?" Male said "to land the plane". Male continued with, "My life is good, I have no worries, and I am fine".
I asked male to tell me what he heard or saw on the plane. He stated, "I heard, be quiet".
I asked him if he remembers the plane landing, he replied, "No, just where are we going and why is it taking so long?"
I asked male how he was feeling, he said, "I feel good. Tell the captain that I will help him fly this plane if he can't figure out how to do it". I told him that I would indeed tell him that, next time I spoke to him.
I said a prayer for male and then said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#27 Male, Chinese

Upon connecting with male, I hear him say, "I must remain at the university, I should not have gone, and it was not the right thing to do. I did not know there would be this much trouble. Why must we stay here, I have to get back to my studies".
Male said, "Tell my family I hope they are proud of me. Tell them thank you for their support and belief in me".
I asked male what it was that he would like to tell the world, he replied, "My thoughts and prayers go with you".
I asked him if he knew what happened and he replied with, "The plane flew upside down. I thought we were going to die, that this was the end. I was frightened; I did not know how to die".
Male showed me the images of passengers in their seats flung violently forward and then back against their seats. Male said "I was thinking, get me off get me off".
I asked male if he remembered an explosion or a fire in the cabin of the plane, he said, "I remember a bright light. I was feeling sick and nauseated and sweating".
I asked male what happened when he saw the bright light, he said, "I saw that people began walking into the bright light. Then, told that there were some questions that needed answered, that we were to wait to answer some questions. There are many of us, a whole group standing together, waiting for instruction". Male continued with, "I don't feel mad or sad, I don't know why. It just doesn't really seem to matter anymore".
I asked male what he wanted to tell his family, he said, "Tell my family, I will always remember them, and cherish the fond memories. I am going to be fine. I see no harm coming to me. I feel very calm, very peaceful. Everything will be alright".
I prayed for male and thanked him, and then ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#28 Male UKR

Upon connecting with male, he mentions that he is going to miss his little princess, his daughter.
He asks that his wife care for her and provide her with the things he is no longer able to provide her with.
Male said, "This was a route that went south, this was a mission that went bad. It wasn't supposed to end up this way".
I asked male, "What happened on the plane; I heard the word, "Jerking".
I asked male if he was aware that he no longer had a physical body and that he was in spirit. He placed his hand to his chest and jokingly said, "Am I dead, wholly crap. I don't feel dead, well, maybe I do".
I asked male if he could tell me what happened. At that time, I saw the image of a missile hurling through the air and then he said, "We were bombed, yeah, just like in the movies".
I asked male how he knows that, he said, "I just know it".
Male said, "I just wanted to get off that bus before it went down".
I asked male how he knew the plane had been bombed, he replied, "There was an explosion, a blast of some kind. Then there were hurricane force winds. I knew the end was near, I just wanted to get off that bus".
I asked male if he was OK, he said, "Yes, but I don't ever want to do that again". Then he said, "I thought there was a storm or something, I heard a loud boom".
I asked male if he remembered any of the flight attendants coming around to tell him anything. At that time, he showed me the image of the hull of the plane breached. I could see the wind zipping through the cabin. Debris was flying everywhere.
Male said, "I felt like I was going through a tunnel". I asked male if he remembers coming out of the tunnel, he said, "Vaguely, I feel like maybe I'm dreaming". I asked him where he was now, he replied, "I'm in a happy place, yeah, I'm OK".
I asked male if he knows what happened to the plane, if he knew if it crashed in the ocean or on land, he said, "I don't really know and I don't really care". I asked male if he could remember anything else prior to the breech in the hull of the airplane, he stated he remembers thinking, "What the hell is going on up there".
I asked him if he remembers anyone saying that they need to turn the plane around, he said, "Well they better do something because we were in trouble. It kept going on and on and on, and I kept wondering when he was going to put the plane down, land the plane, I was getting very nervous about the outcome".
I asked male if he had anything he wants to say to the world, his reply was, "Why did you do that to us, why did you have to blow the plane up, we would have given you what you wanted".
I asked male if someone was asking for something, he said, "Well I wasn't really quite sure, there was a bunch of jibber jabber. It wasn't anything I could understand. I think they wanted us to go somewhere, but we didn't quite make it".
I asked him if he recalls the flight attendants coming around and saying anything to you, male replied, "I think there was a time we knew we weren't going to make it. We needed to land but there was nowhere to land".
Male then said, "I remember now, I was walking through the tunnel and I met someone that I know". He showed me the image of a male spirit coming from the other end of the tunnel to greet him with a handshake and a pat on the shoulder. I then saw the male spirit usher him down and out of the tunnel.
I asked male if he had any final words, he said, "That was a hell of a ride that I don't care to repeat".
I asked male if he remembered if the captain had said anything over the intercom to the passengers, Male said, "No, I don't remember that. What I remember is that we were having trouble and we were supposed to land, but we didn't".
I asked male if I could pray for him, he agreed. After praying for male, I thanked him and said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#29 Male, Malaysia

Upon connecting with male, I asked him if he had any messages for family or friends. Male replied while pointing to me, "You cannot tell us what to do, we are not beholding to you". I was not sure if he were speaking to me or repeating something he had heard on the plane.
I asked him if he had a message for his family, he said, "I did not see this coming, I never expected this. My family is everything to me. I should have known better. Everybody wanted us, we are a hot property, but kill us, why?" There are some that will be beheaded for this".
I asked male who he thought will be culpable for this, "The captain?" Male replied, "We were asked to look the other way". I asked male, "Were you asked or told". Male responded, "There is no asking, you are told what to do".
I asked male what he would like to tell the world, He said, "The world, the world is stupid, they have no idea what is going on behind closed doors. This is a tragedy of epic proportion, not just for us but also for others. Many people will be hurt by this".
I asked male, "Do you think people will learn the truth?" Male replied, "Who will tell?" I replied, "I will tell".
I asked male if he thought the captain deliberately crashed the plane. Male replied, "Of course he crashed the plane, he was flying it".
I asked male, "Why do you think he did that?" Male replied, "I have no excuses for him".
I asked male if he thought the plane crashed because he and his colleague were on board. His response, "Perhaps, many people want what we have".
I asked male if he thought this crash was a spur of the moment madness. Male replied, "No, it was too intricate, there were too many things involved".
I asked male, "Who was the man in charge, who was the man who held something in his hand and said he was in charge. What do you think was in his hand?" Male said, "It looked like an official emblem or a badge of some sort. It was something to show his authority".
I asked male if he knew he would die that day, he said, "No, we were told we were going to turn back, that there was a problem with the plane".
I asked male, "When did you notice that something was not right?" He said, "There was arguing up front". I then saw a female attendant lean toward a man and say, "You cannot do this, this is not right". I then saw the image of male getting up from his seat, he moved to where the arguing was and was told by the man, "Get back in your seat and sit down".
I asked male if he would tell me and show me what he experienced. He showed me a nauseating and jerking plane ride. I also felt a sudden and drastic drop in altitude. I was physically beginning to feel nauseated, as male stated "I don't feel very well".
I asked male why he thought the plane did not turn back. Male said, "He wasn't allowed to turn back". I asked him, "By whom?" Male said, "He was told to fly to new coordinates, that he would land there".
I asked male if he remembered the plane crashing, he said, "I have no memory of that".
I asked male if he has a message for his family, he said, "Don't let them get away with that".
I asked male, "How can I help bring them to justice?" He said, "The world needs to know what happened". I asked male, "What happened", He replied, "We were killed for what we know". Then I asked male, "What is it that you know that you were killed for?" male replied, "For our technology, what else could it be?"
I said to male, "Why kill a plane full of innocent people to only kill a few?" Male said, "To make it look like an accident, there is money involved. How much money do you think I'm worth?" I answered, "A life insurance policy" Male laughed and said, "Much more than that, I should have known". Male then looked me in the eye and told me, "Trust no one".
I asked male if at any time did he see or hear the captain arguing with the crew. Male said he heard, "You must put your heads down and pray, the end is near". Male said he asked himself, "What will happen when I die?" I said to male, "You did die, what is happening to you?" Male replied, "I don't know, I am still waiting".
I tell male, "Do you know that the plane still has not been found". Male says, "I am waiting for the captain to release us". Male then said, "I heard someone say, beware captain or I will have your head".
I was no longer able to stay connected to male, so I ended my connection.

Gale Stein

"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" -The Captain

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My spirit guide is showing me that a device was detonated on board MH370 and the plane was blown into many many pieces mid air, the explosion was so intense that the pieces are literally scattered so far apart across the ocean, some are even now stuck and partially buried in the ocean. This device being detonated was a deliberate act of terror which was very carefully planned and conducted. The person responsible sacrificed their own life in order to carry out this sickening attack and they did it as an extremist. This person didn’t act solely and had some assistance and was encouraged to act this way in revenge by terrorist groups. I am being told by my spirit guide that it happened instantly so like one press of a button and the plane was blown to smithereens.

I am told by my spirit guide that the odd piece may be recovered from the ocean over time and even years and years into the future but the plane is in so many small pieces that basically no. The only way the mystery will be resolved is if the authorities can trace the making and gaining of materials of the explosive device here to someone who was on board that plane and then they can start to piece together the puzzle but still it’ll never be a definite answer and would be left as a ‘it’s likely this happened’.

Psychic Answers MH370

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