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#30 Female Crew, Malaysia

Upon connecting with female she blurts out, "We are very heavy on the bottom". I asked her what that means, and she replied, "When you have a lot of cargo". She said, "We were told this was not a usual flight, that things were going to be different". I asked her what it was that they were to do differently, she said, "calling, we were not to call out".
I asked female if that seemed odd to her and did she question that procedure. She replied, "Who am I to question, I do as I am told".
I asked female to tell me what she remembers about the flight, she said, "You can't go with us, why is he on board?" Then she tries to explain to me that she is referring to the man with the gun, but he is an official like the police or something. Female then tells me what she heard, "You come with me. You'll go where I go".
Then Female says, "There is a hole in the plane, how can we go anywhere?"
I asked Female if there was a fire on the plane, she replied, "We were told to go and get into our jump seats, that the plane was going to land". I asked female if she meant the plane was going to land or if the plane was going to crash?" She said, "We needed to find a place to land".
I asked female if she ever saw the captain while any of this was happening, she said, "The captain had to fly the plane, it was very difficult for him". I asked her if she heard anything said over the intercom, she said she heard, "Put your heads down and pray".
I asked her if she had a message for her family, she said, "They should be prepared for this, we talked about it, they probably can't believe it, but they should be prepared. Mommy is gone to heaven and that is what they need to know".
I asked her what it was like in heaven, she replied, "it's very calm and peaceful. I see many colors, they are telling me it is going to be OK, not to worry, that everything will be fine. I feel like I can trust them". I asked her whom the people are that she refers to and she says, "Yes, some are family, I don't know them but I feel like I know them. I feel loved, there is much love here".
I asked her if she would talk about what she remembers while she was sitting in her jump seat. She showed me the images of powerful winds whipping through the airplane. These winds were strong enough to take her breath away. She said she was thinking, "Why can't we land, we should land, hurry up and land". Then she said, "I was thinking about my family and the things I need to do when we land, the things I know from my training. I kept thinking I would be home soon. We must keep our heads on, we must stay calm".
I asked her if she remembers how she got from her jump seat to where she is now. She said, "There were many of us going, and the people were saying, come with us, we will help you".
I asked her if she heard that the captain was involved somehow in the crash of the plane, she said, "I don't know why he didn't turn around and go back".
I asked her what she wanted her family to know, she said, "I'll take care of them from heaven, they need not worry. I see everything you do, I'm right here".
I asked her about the man who was the official who took charge. I asked her if she thought he might have been an Air Marshall, she said, "Perhaps, he said he is in charge now and that we must do as he says".
I told her that they have been unable to locate the plane, and asked if she had any idea of where it might be, she replied, "Maybe it is in too many pieces". I asked if she thought it was in the water or on land, she replied, "I don't remember landing".
I told her that some people believe the plane has been hi-jacked and that the passengers are being held for ransom, she said, "It doesn't feel like that".
I asked her if she was OK and she said, "I don't feel hurt anywhere, I feel OK, my spirits are high".
I thanked her and asked her if I could pray for her, she agreed. I prayed for her and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#31 Female, Malaysia

Upon connecting with female, I asked her what it was that she wanted to tell her children and her family. She said, "How will my children live without me. I will have to watch over them carefully". I asked her who watched over them while she was working, she said, "it's not the same, I'm their mother. They cry for me and I can't hold them". I told her that they could feel her presence in spirit, let them grow up knowing and feeling you in spirit. Female said, "Yes, I can do that".
I asked her what she wanted to say to her family, she said, "Tell them I love them very much and I thank them for what they are doing". I asked her if she was OK, she said, "If I know my children are OK then I am OK".
I asked her if she knew that some people believe that they are still alive and held hostage somewhere. She replied, "You're kidding right, If I was alive I would claw at whoever is was keeping me from my babies. They would have to kill me first".
I asked her what she wanted to say to her husband. She said, "He is a good man, he should take care of my babies, but "m watching him to make sure he does it right. You tell him that".
I asked her if she wanted to say something to the world, she replied, "I will miss you. I will miss everything you had to offer, but I am content. I will find my way, I have no problems here".
I asked her to tell me what she remembers happening on the airplane, she said "it's all over the place".
I asked her if she thought the plane was hi-jacked to take hostages, she replied, "Why blow us up, why kill us. You could have had money, now you have none. There is no money for killing us, is there?"
I asked her if I could pray for her, and she agreed.
Before I ended my connection, I asked her if she had any idea where the plane is, she replied, "No, I don't have any idea and I don't want to know".
I thanked her and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#32 Male, Russia

Upon connecting with male I hear him say, "I ain't got a pot to piss in, why would they want to take this bird down". I asked male who wanted to take this bird down and he said, "Some jackass with a bomb". I asked him, "What jackass?" He replied, "Some Muslim freak". He continued with, "I heard the man say, you are all going to die, come here, or I will kill you first. Your future is in the hands of Allah. You must pray to him now. Put your heads down and pray to him".
Male then shows me the image of the captain coming out of the cockpit. He shows me the man and the captain arguing and screaming, the man tells the captain, "You don't tell me what to do, I'm in charge now!" Male shows me the man is holding something in his hand up high to show people he is in charge. Male says he heard, "What are you doing, are you crazy, what are you doing?"
I asked male what his message is to his family and the world, he replied, "I lost everything; I did not have much anyway, now I have nothing". Then he said, "I feel sorry for you, you will all go to hell for what you did and I am living in a bed of roses now".
I asked male if he had a message for his wife and children, he replied, "It's a pitiful thing, you will go on without me. I am beginning my life over. It is a huge relief, I don't feel bitter".
I asked him if he recalls a door opened or an explosion during the flight, he states, "My stomach felt like it was punched and I was throwing up. I don't want to remember".
I explained to male that I understood and if he had any final words before we say good-bye. Male said, "They should mind their own business". I asked him whom he was referring to, he said, "You know who, tell them to deep it to themselves". I do not know what this is in reference of.
I thanked male and asked him if I could connect with him again to check on his progress, he replied, "My family will have to go on without me, but I wish them well and love".
I thanked him and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#33 Male, crew, Malaysia

This is a very lengthy interview, actually two separate connections. The questioning by me is brutal and relentless, but you must understand, I felt he was covering for another. I was merely trying to clear him of the heavy burden of guilt that he was carrying and discover what was indeed factual. Remember, I was told by others that I would be lied to by many.
Upon making a connection with male, I asked him if he has any information on the plane crash. He said, "I really can't speak to that". I asked him "Why?" He said, "I have no new information to offer".
I asked him if his body was alive and functioning, he replied, "I am just as I should be". I asked him if he has gone to heaven, he said, "I am being held accountable". I asked him, "In whose eyes?" he replied, "in the eyes of God".
"Are you accountable?" I asked him, he replied, "To many, I am, yes". I asked him what made him feel that way, he said, "It is my responsibility".
I told him that beyond his responsibility, there are situations that one cannot control, and then I asked him if he had any control over the situation that made the plane crash. He replied, "I could not prevent what happened, and that is all I am prepared to say".
"Very well sir", I said. I told him that I would like to pass along messages to his family for him.
"Tell my wife, I have no explanation for what happened, I feel it's my responsibility". I asked him if he was a part of the plot, and he replied, "I had no knowledge". Then I explained to him that if that was the situation then he is not responsible and should stop feeling as if he is. I explained to him that he would not be held responsible for something he had no control over .And that he needed to take time for healing and growth, and let in love and light that is meant to be his.
I prayed for male and then I asked him if he knew where the plane was and if he would take me to it, he replied, "I'm still in shock, I can't believe what happened".
I asked him to recount the last things he remembered, he stated, "They came rushing and pushing and screaming, before knew what happened, it was over". I asked male, "Who was in on it?" he said, "They were just kids, I couldn't believe it, kids were going to make us die".
He began to sob and stated, "As a man, I was allowed to do nothing, where do I go from here?"
I thanked him, I then asked him if I could check in on him to see how he is doing, and he consented.
I ended my connection
Gale Stein

Second connection #33

Upon connecting with male, I asked him if he killed the co-pilot. He angrily said, "No, no sir, I did not kill the co-pilot, that is unspeakable, I could not do such a thing". I asked male, "What happened to the co-pilot?" Male replied, "I cannot speak to that". I asked him, "Why?" He replied, "I was miss-informed about our mission". "Mission", I said. I continued with, "This was a routine airplane ride, what are you talking about a mission?" As I am speaking, male is wringing his hands and wiping his brow.
I told male, "The only entity you have to answer to is God, you must be forthright and tell me everything you know, I am doing God's work, you must tell me what you know". Male responded with, "I made a mistake". I told male, "We all make mistakes, please, tell me what mistake you made".
He stated, "I trusted them". I asked male, "Who did you trust?" Male said, "I trusted that everything was going to be alright". Again, I asked him, "Who did you trust", male replied, "It was just a delivery".
I asked male, "You knew about the cargo, didn't you?" Male replied, "Yes". I asked male, "If there was a fire on the plane, why did you not turn back?" He said, "We were not meant to turn back". I asked him "By whose orders?" He replied, "We were not meant to turn back".
I asked male, "Why did the captain go off course?" Male replied, "We had to, we were told to. It was a diversion". I asked male, "What was a diversion", No response.
I asked him if he is responsible for what happened to the plane or what occurred on the plane, he replied, "I am responsible, I am completely responsible". I asked him to tell me why, he said, "I am in charge, I took the money, and I looked the other way".
I asked male if he and the captain worded together in this cause, male replied, "No one was to get hurt, that was my understanding". I asked him what it was they were supposed to do, no response.
Then I asked male, "Did you kill the co-pilot?", he replied, "No, I did not kill him" Then I asked male, "Did you kill the captain?" Male replied, "The captain lied to us". I asked male, "What lie did he tell you?" Male replied, "That is would be alright, that we would be alright".
I asked male, "When did you know the co-pilot was dead?" Male said, "He told me", I asked him, "Who told you?" Male replied, "The captain".
I asked male to tell me about the boys on the plane. Male said, "They said they had a bomb, and that we were to do as they say". I asked male, "Do you remember the bomb going off?" and male said, "There was an explosion, yes". I asked him to continue and he said, "There was nowhere to go, we could not land, we could not turn back". I asked him, "Do you know who the boys are?" Male said, "We were all lied to". I asked male, "Who is we, all. Do you mean the passengers or just you and the captain?" Male replied with, "We were all lied to; we were told we were going to be OK". I asked male "Did those boys lie to you, did they tell you that you would be OK if you went where they wanted you to go?" Male replied, "Yes, yes, that is why we did not turn back".
I asked male, "Where did the boys want the plane to go?" No reply. I asked male, "Do you think the boys wanted to fly the plane into a building in a city to kill many people?" Male said, "I cannot speak to that". I asked male, "Where did the boys want to go, are you telling me the truth. Are you sure the plane wasn't shot down by a missile?" Male said, "Why would they do that?" I replied, "Because the plane was hi-jacked". Male then said, "We are going to die, we are all going to die". I asked male, "How do you know that?" He said, "There is no way out for us". I asked male, "Is the plane on fire, is that what you mean?" No reply.
I asked male if he remembers the plane crashing into the ocean, he replied, "I remember being on my hands and knees". I asked him, "Do you know why the pilot was flying the plane so erratically?' Male said, "He couldn't control it, it was out of control".
I addressed male with, "You are culpable in some respect aren't you? I am having a hard time believing you because you won't answer many of my questions". Male said, "I only did what I was told". I asked Male, "What is it that you were told to do?" Male replied, "I looked the other way".
I asked male what he wanted his family and children to know. For his wife, "How can you forgive me?" and for his children, "I had no idea this would happen".
I asked him if he was guilty of participating in any wrongdoings on that flight, male said, "I should have been better prepared, I hold myself accountable". I asked him, "Did you take money to look the other way while something was brought aboard the plane?" Male said, "I was lax in my judgement".
I asked male, "How long did you continue to fly after the bomb went off?" Male replied, "We couldn't fly, we were going to crash".
I asked male, "What do you remember doing between being on the airplane and where you are now?" Male said, "I remember being pulled up and being told that I was safe and that I must go with them". I asked him if he knew who pulled him up, he said, "no, I did not know them".
I asked male to tell me why the communications were not working properly before leaving the ground, he said, "There was a mix-up". I asked, "What sort of mix-up?" He said, "Some things got switched around, things that shouldn't have been". I asked him, "Were these things that you were in charge of, things that made you look the other way?" Male replied with, "I was told to mind my own business". I asked male, "Who told you this?" No reply. Male then said, "They say that I have no authority here and that they are taking over".
I asked male, "Why couldn't passengers use the phone while still on the tarmac?" Male said, "It was a safety issue, I was told".
I asked him, "Did you want to be in charge, are you the man with the badge that raised his hand and said, "I am in charge now". Male replied, "I am in charge, yes, it is my duty" I said to male, "I thought the captain was in charge", male replied, "The captain had his hands full flying the plane".
I asked him what he wanted to say to the world, he said, "That I beg for their forgiveness. I have no excuses; I hang my head in shame". I asked him if he had an opportunity to speak with the passengers or crew, he said, "no, I have not". I asked him if he felt betrayed by the captain and he replied, "The captain let us down, we thought we were going home".
I asked male, "When did you realize that you weren't going home?" He said, "When it was too late, when there was no time". I asked, "Do you mean when the plane exploded?" he said, "Yes, we weren't meant to get home, we couldn't get home then. I didn't want that explosion".
I asked him if he thought that they would have been able to get home if there had not been an explosion on the plane. He said, "No, no, we weren't meant to get home". I asked him, "How many boys or men were there that took over the plane?" He replied, "It only took one"
I told male that when we first spoke he said that a group of young boys attacked him, I asked him, "Do you remember that?" He said, "Yes, I don't know, I was frightened". I said to male, "you're not frightened now are you? Will you tell me the truth". Male said, "I only saw one, he came from nowhere".
I told male that he had been forthright and very helpful. I told him that I appreciated him connecting with me, in addition, that it must have been very difficult for him to admit his shortcomings as it is for all of us. I told him this will take him far in his process for redeeming himself and asking for mercy. I asked him if I could pray for him, he accepted. I thanked him and said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#34 Sergei Deineka, age 45, male, Ukraine. Seat 27D. flight Mh370.

I am going to post the name of this passenger because he pleaded with me and was very specific in telling me to get this message to his wife. Please share, share and share this and all of these messages in the hopes we can connect with someone who can help us get these messages to family and friends.
Upon connecting with Sergei, immediately he tells me to contact his wife. I asked him if his wife would be receptive to receiving the message. He tells me that he believes she will because it is all that she has right now. I asked Sergei to pray that all of the messages find their way to all of the families. He stated again, how he wanted his wife to read this message, he said, "Tell her I am telling her to read this message". I told him I would do my best.
I asked Sergei what he wants to tell his wife, he says, "I am doing well, I am fine, don't worry about me. I am in a holding facility waiting to be transferred". I asked Sergei, "Transferred to where?" He replies, "Someplace loving and peaceful, a place of my desire".
I asked Sergei to recall his crossing over to the spirit world. He showed me the image of a violent jolt, like slamming into a solid wall, only the wall was water. He mentions being in the water and drowning. He said, "I hardly remember, it was so vague".
I asked him what he wants to tell his wife, he said, "She must take care of business and go on without me. There is no reason to worry about me".
Sergei then said, "Oh, I remember now, a little girl approached me and handed me some flowers. She took my hand and guided me to where I am now". I asked Sergei, "Where are you now?" He replied, "I'm in a group of the other passengers waiting to be released". I told him that it sounded lovely, about the little girl greeting him. He said, "It was welcoming after the experience I had just had. It was very calm and peaceful and it's where I wanted to be".
I asked Sergei if he had anything to say to his children, he replied, "My wife will handle that, she is a very capable woman and they will be fine". He continues speaking, referring to his wife, "You must continue your life without me, I will be fine, so will you. This is nothing for you to worry about".
I asked Sergei to show me or tell me about his experience on the airplane. He shows me the image of a violent jolt. It was unexpected. I asked him what the behavior of the crew was, he said, "I heard, put your heads down. Pray to your God. We are in need of help, stay in your seats".
I could feel my connection with Sergei slipping, so I asked him if I could pray for him, he said, "Sure, why not it wouldn't hurt".
I prayed for Sergei and thanked him. I asked him if he was OK, if he was feeling better, he replied, "Yes". Then he showed me the image of perhaps one of the last things he remembers. He showed me a concussive, thunderous, bright flash. I believe this happened before he felt himself in the water. He also showed me various items falling off the tables/trays. He showed me the plane tilting severely to the right. Then I heard an alarm sounding. He then showed me that he was sideways in his seat, that the plane was tilting severely to the side. He then said, "I remember hearing; "You must remain in your seats".
He explained to me that he told the passenger in the seat next to him, "This is it man, If we get out of this, I will buy you a beer". Sergei told me that he had no idea how this would end.
Sergei said, "Tell my wife and kids, I love them very much".
I thanked Sergei before I ended my connection with him. Before we parted he says, "Tell my wife she must read this, I am telling you to read this, I am telling you to read this!"
I thank Sergei and end my connection.
As I was typing this message, I repeatedly had cold chills sweep over my legs. That is one of many signs that spirit is near. I could then see him, Sergei, looking over my shoulder as I continued typing. He is pleased I am using his name and desperate to get this message to his wife. I told him, I need help, I need help in getting people to see and read these messages. I am doing all I can. God Bless and be with you, Sergei.
Gale Stein

Things are about to get really ugly and I felt I needed to protect myself, so here is a portion of the disclaimer I use in my business. This DISCLAIMER applies to and includes every post in the LEST WE BE FORGOTTEN series. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!
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Gale Stein/Lori Vough McEwen

#35 is the group of passengers as a collective.

I will have to give a crew titles and a couple of names in this post for it to make sense. Please understand, these are not MY personal views or opinions, these are the words and actions of the loving souls of Mh370.
Upon connecting with the entire group of passengers including the crew, I asked to have my questions answered as a collective group of knowledge. The captain separated himself from the main collective. I wanted the crew and passengers to point out who should join him. Who else did the passengers and crew feel was responsible in some way for the fate of the plane.
In the beginning, the captain stood alone, then the man that called me a Jew, and spit at me, then finally tossing a grenade to me, joined the captain. Then the two men who stole the passports and following them a crew member, the "In flight Supervisor" was told by the group to join the captain and the others. Finally, my dear friend, the Chief Stewardess, pointed to the Chief Steward, to join the group.
Upon connecting with the passengers and crew of Mh370, I asked if they would answer questions as a group or individually if they wished. I asked the passengers to single out who they felt was responsible for the fate of the plane. The above men were singled out and stood facing the passengers and remaining crew.
I asked the group, "Why would anyone proceed with a flight knowing the communication systems were down, that in their right mind would do that?" The Co-pilot replied, "It was a government operation and that we were to proceed accordingly, that we had sensitive cargo on board". I asked the Co-Pilot, "What was the sensitive cargo? was it in the cargo hold or was it in the nature of one or more passengers?" The Co-Pilot replied, "Sometimes we transport thins we have no knowledge of". I asked him, "Where you to fly to Diego Garcia?" He replied, "We were to fly to destinations unknown. We would be told where to fly when the time was appropriate". I asked the Co-Pilot "Is this standard procedure for the Airlines?" He replied, "Not very often, but now and again they use us as decoys".
I asked the group as a collective if they knew what type of sensitive cargo was on the plane, I heard the word, "Radium".
I asked the Captain if he was aware of this mission before the flight, he replied, "We are told only when we need to know".
I asked the Captain If the Co-Pilot realized this was a suicide mission, and is that why you killed him?" Captain replied, "I couldn't let him stand in our way". I asked Captain if he works for the government as well as the airline, he replied, "I have worded for the government, yes". I asked him, "Which government do you work for?" No reply. I asked him which government he is loyal to, No reply.
I asked the Captain what deterred him from reaching his designated coordinates, No reply.
I asked the captain why he did not turn the plane around when it was in trouble, why not go back to the airport and land. He replied, "I was told to continue, those were my instructions". I asked him, "At what point did you think you could kill a man and get away with it?" No reply.
I asked the Captain, "The fire in the cabin was a diversion, an excuse for you to divert the plane to make an emergency landing, is that correct?" Captain said, "We were to offload the cargo". I then said, "So you were to make an emergency landing somewhere, offload the cargo, then what? Deal with 288 angry, frightened passengers and crew, and then what would you do, put them on another airplane to go where? Beijing? Once you landed, there would be an investigation and what would they discover?"
I asked the Captain, "What went wrong?" The In-flight Supervisor, responded, "There was an explosive device aboard the plane".
I asked the group, "Are you sure the explosion did not come from the outside of the plane?" No reply
I asked the Captain, Were you miss-led or were you betrayed?"
At this point, I was not receiving any more information so I ended my connection with the group.
Gale Stein

#36 Female Crew Malaysian

Upon connecting with female, I hear her say, "Why would they have us do that?" "Why would they have you do what?" I asked. "Put my things away like that", she replied. I asked her, "What kinds of things?" she said, "Our personal things".
I asked her if she recalls speaking to the captain on that flight, she said, "I don't like the captain, he did something to us". I asked her if she knew what he did to her? She said, "He was wrong and he cost us our lives. You cannot fly a plane like that and get away with it. Why did he do that to us?"
I asked her if she recalls the plane landing on the land or in the water?" She said, "No, we don't go near the land, the plane was on fire. We had to land, but where?"
I asked her if she remembers anyone saying that the plane was to turn back, she said, "We can't turn back". I asked her, "Why can't you turn back?" She said, "We were told not to". I asked her, "Who told you not to". She replied, "We were specifically told not to turn back" I asked her, "By whom?", No reply. I told her that I pray for her to answer me, unless God told her not to answer me, she should answer me". She responded with, "By the man in the white shirt". He is the one in charge". I asked her "Were you threatened not to tell?" she said, "I was told not to speak". I asked her "By whom?' she replied, "It is my duty". I explained to her that she was no longer bound by that duty that she had been set free of that obligation.
I asked her, "Is that man that you are speaking of a crew member?' She said, "I know him quite well. He is telling us we will all die and that we will not be turning back". I asked her "Is this a man that sits in the Cockpit?" she was reluctant to answer, but when she did, she shook her head indicating, No!
I asked her if she recalls seeing the captain during the flight or hearing him speak, she replied with, "The plane is going to land, you must all go to your seats". She continues with, "But where will we land? Why have we not landed yet?" I asked her, "Do you remember the plane being on fire?" She replied, "There is smoke in the cabin and someone opened a window to let the fresh air in".
I asked her, "Do you remember landing", She said, "I do not".
I asked her, "How did you get from the airplane to where you are now?" She replied, "I am with my family, I heard them calling for me and I went toward them. I am at peace, this is a happy place, I like where I am. I will do well here, I have much to look forward to".
I asked her what she wanted to say to her family, she said, "You will do fine and one day you will be here too, there is nothing to be frightened of". She continued with, "I am going swimming, I am in the water, then I am on the beach, it is sunny. The sun is very bright, I see my family and they are calling for me. Everyone is so happy to see me, I feel so happy I run to them. I am at peace; I am happy where I am".
I asked her if she had any final word for the world, she said, "I don't know why this happened, why couldn't we just turn around?"
I thanked her and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#37 Male, crew, Malaysian

Upon connecting with Male, I asked him what he would like to relay to his family, he replied, "I am in the hands of God, and I am at peace". Regarding his children, he said, "My children know me very well, they know that I am at peace and calm. I am a man of many thins but violence is not one of them. Tell my wife that I shall miss her and the beautiful life she made for us".
I asked him if he recalls an explosion on the airplane, He said, "An explosion, Yes. We were coming down to crash into the ocean. We must prepare". I asked him if he remembers crashing into the ocean?" No reply. I asked him if he remembers how he got from the airplane to where he is now?" He said, "I was lifted up by angels, yes, many angels surrounded me and lifted me up by my arms and we flew up, out of the darkness. I saw many others lifted up, babies in the arms of angels. I thought I must be going up to heaven. It was very peaceful, calm and I have no fears, and now I am speaking with you".
I asked him what he has been doing while he was waiting to speak with me, He said, "I've taken long walks in the park, I have time to myself, I have time to think, I have time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me".
I asked him if he knew if the explosion came from the inside of the cabin or the outside of the plane, he said, "I did not see, it was unexpected to me, we are in dire trouble. There is no time to prepare".
I asked him if he was aware of any misunderstanding between any of the passengers and the crew before the explosion, he said, "I am not aware of that". I asked him if he recalls anyone speaking over the intercom and telling passengers to put their heads down and pray?" He replied, "Yes, it was merciless, we were going to die, there was no time to waste, no time to prepare". I asked him, "At any time did you hear that the plane was in trouble and that they would turn the plane around and go back to the airport to land?" He replied, "I heard no such thing. I did all I can do, there is nothing left to do".
I asked him, "Did you hear anyone mention that the captain was acting irresponsibly and had his own agenda on this flight?" He replied, "Perhaps the captain did what he felt it was necessary to do".
I asked him, "What were you told about this flight when you boarded it, were you told it was a special flight, was anything different about this flight than any other flight?" He replied, "There are always problems on a flight" I asked him if there were problems with communications, he said, "We were told to proceed". I asked him, "By whom?" Male indicates that it was the In-flight supervisor, and the there was nothing to be concerned about, and that it was a glitch that would work itself out".
I asked him, "Why was the plane at a different gate than normal?" He said, "There was cargo holding things up". He then said, "It was a cargo flight". I asked him if he knew that they were diverting their course so they could land". He said, "I was under the impression that we were to turn around, go back and land". I asked him, "Why?" He replied, "I do not know why".
I asked him if I could pray for him, he accepted. I thanked him and as he was walking away, he turned and said, "My life is here now". He waved good-bye.
Gale Stein

#38 Female, Malaysian

Upon connecting with female, she told me that, "We are all together", she is referring to her Mother, Sister, and Aunt. They were all traveling together on the flight.
I asked her if she could recount what had happened, she said, "We took a blow, we took a blow to our shield, and we were hit". I asked her if the explosion came from the inside or outside?" Then I heard someone say, "Who would want to bomb us, why would someone want to do that?" Female then said, "We said we would stick together no matter what, and here we are, we are all together. We are not in any pain, we are happy. My message is to go on with your life without us, finish your life, and meet us here; we will be ready for you. I don't feel like I am missing anything, I feel very content and happy".
I asked her if she remembers how she got from the plane to where she is now?" She said, "A woman came to me and took my hand, she said she would take me to where I need to be, and she said she will take me to my family".
She then said, "I remember telling my mother that I was scared, and my mother said, "Don't be scared, God is with you". She continued with, "We were told we were having trouble with the plane and we were going to turn back. I wondered when we will land, but we never did, we kept flying, it seems like we should have been there by now".
I asked her what she remembers about the crew and what they were doing, she said, "They told us to stay in our seats, and we would be home soon, we would be home soon, stay calm, stay quiet".
I asked her what she wanted to tell her family or the world, she said, "I will pray for them they must go on".
I asked her if I could pray for her, she accepted. I thanked her and said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#39 Female, Crew, Malaysia

Upon connecting with female, I asked her if she has any messages she would like to send to her family, she said, "Tell them I am OK I am with family". I asked her if she remembers how she got from the plane to where she is now with her family, she said, "In my other life, I died!"
I asked her, "Do you remember how?" She said, I was traveling".
I asked her about the communication issues on the plane, she said, "Oh there is always something wrong, we can never figure it out". I asked her, "In your opinion why do you think you boarded at a different gate than normal, she said, "Because there is a mix-up and nobody knows what they are doing".
I asked her, "Do you remember the captain telling you that he was going to turn the plane around and land?" She said, "I don't remember any of that, I am happy now, I am with my family, I don't want to remember any of that:.
I asked her if I could say a prayer for her, she agreed. I thanked her and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#40 Male Co-Pilot, crew, Malaysian

Upon connecting with Co-Pilot, I heard him say, "They took me out!"
I asked him if he had a message for his family, he said, "I never meant for this to happen. It was not supposed to happen this way. I do not know why they had to kill us. It was like any other flight, and then all hell broke loose".
He shows me that he and the captain had a physical altercation, I see the captain hitting him in the face. I saw the captain rise from his seat after changing the course of the plane. The Co-Pilot then points to a clipboard and angrily says to the captain, "Are you out of your mind, are you crazy?"
He told me to tell his family, "I love them, I am at peace. I do not care what happened to my body, it is of no concern to me anymore. I am sorry I wish I could have done better. I asked them to tell me what happened that day, he said, "The captain was quiet that day, I thought he was in a bad mood, he was not speaking much".
I asked him what he wants the world to know. He said, "I am at peace, I did my best, and I am not responsible for this".
I prayed for him and asked him if I could call on him again later if needed, he agreed.
I thanked him and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

Second connection with Co-Pilot #40

I begin by asking him if he has any messages for his family, he responds with, "My beloved father, I adore you and admire you. I am well now". He showed himself looking at a huge red sun ball on the horizon ready to set. He said, "I'll fly to that".
I asked him to explain to me what happened on the flight, he said, "It was a disaster, they were to take it from us". He then shows me the image of himself interacting with the captain. He was pounding on the clipboard saying, "We can't go there, and we do not have enough fuel to go there".
I asked him, "Why did you need to go somewhere?" He said, "We are in trouble. He wants us to go someplace, but we can't get there". I asked him, "Who wants you to go someplace?" He replied, "The captain, he says he has a place he needs to go. I asked him, why are you doing this, what has go a hold of you?"
I asked him, "Why didn't you call on the radio for help?" he said, "The systems were down". I asked him how the systems could be down, the flight was routine. He said, "There was nothing routine about this flight". He continued with, "We are being diverted". I asked him, "Why were you being diverted?" He said, "We were sent new coordinates. I asked the captain why and was told it was not for me to know, I was to do as I was told".
He then said, "I was growing impatient with the captain because he would not talk to me and tell me what was going on".
I asked him if he remembers there being an explosion on the airplane. At that point, I felt I needed to divert his attention to his family as I was losing my connection, and felt he was becoming upset.
He said, "I see all of the beautiful things my family has laid out for me". I asked him about his mother and he said, "My mother is a wonderful woman and I love her, she was an amazing woman, she took care of the whole family".
I asked him if he wanted to say something to the other crew members, he said, "I'm sorry I wasn't able to do more to help".
He then said, "He is going to kill us". I asked him, "Who?" the co-Pilot replied, "The captain".
I asked him if he remembers crashing, he responded with, "I kept thinking what can I do, I must place him under arrest".
I asked him what he wanted to say to the captain, his reply was, "Go to hell!"
I asked him, "Is there something you want to say to the world", he said, "I'm sorry it turned out this way".
He makes the statement, "Why can't we go back, we should go back, it's protocol". I asked him, "Why not radio the tower?' He replied, "The system was jammed, I have to call for help". I asked him if he was able to ask another crew member to help him, he did not respond.
He asked me if any of the other passengers survived and I told him that I have not spoken to any that have. He then said, 'We are in the water. We were over the water and he wasn't going to take us home".
I asked him if he knew why the plane had been diverted off course, he said, "I believe it was for the sensitive cargo, that's what I'm being told". Then I heard the phrase, "Smuggling operation, we got shot down for smuggling".
I asked him where he spends his time now, he says, "I'm in a beautiful place, I can sit and think, it is peaceful and quiet. I can sit and watch the sunset. I am loved, my family is with me. It will take some time, but I know I will feel better soon". He then says, "Say good-bye to my family, tell them to deep me in their prayers. I will greet them when it is their time to come, I will be here waiting for them".

I thanked him and asked if I could pray for him, he consented. I prayed for him, thanked him and said good-bye.

"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" -The Captain

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My spirit guide is showing me that a device was detonated on board MH370 and the plane was blown into many many pieces mid air, the explosion was so intense that the pieces are literally scattered so far apart across the ocean, some are even now stuck and partially buried in the ocean. This device being detonated was a deliberate act of terror which was very carefully planned and conducted. The person responsible sacrificed their own life in order to carry out this sickening attack and they did it as an extremist. This person didn’t act solely and had some assistance and was encouraged to act this way in revenge by terrorist groups. I am being told by my spirit guide that it happened instantly so like one press of a button and the plane was blown to smithereens.

I am told by my spirit guide that the odd piece may be recovered from the ocean over time and even years and years into the future but the plane is in so many small pieces that basically no. The only way the mystery will be resolved is if the authorities can trace the making and gaining of materials of the explosive device here to someone who was on board that plane and then they can start to piece together the puzzle but still it’ll never be a definite answer and would be left as a ‘it’s likely this happened’.

Psychic Answers MH370

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