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#41 Captain Shah, Pilot, Malaysian

These entries are from 2015. My initial connection with the captain and passengers was on the morning of the crash on 3/8/14. I relayed all of that information in my E-book entitled, "A BLINDING BALL OF LIGHT", by Gale Stein.
Some of these entries are bits and pieces of information I heard and simply documented. #41 is the number that has been assigned to the captain, there are about 8 entries, they will all be numbered 41. I will start from the earliest entry for the year of 2015.

Veered off course, right. Inside straight, dog leg right, fly by, lost at sea, baggage handler, 2 men. Lost at sea, Mayday, mayday lost at sea.
"Follow the sun" said the captain, he continued with, "Strait of Hormuz, buried not meant to be found".
The horn, we are near the horn.
"I disengaged the radio" said the captain. "Check the radio transmission, cargo would have been traced".
I heard, "You have to understand, this information is classified".
The captain said, "Exchange of money, there was money to be paid; a government official to look the other way".
The captain said, "I disengaged the radio", then I heard, "Cargo".
The captain said, "I lit her up and dumped her in the ocean"
The captain said, he was in the shipping lane, I asked him, "Wouldn't someone have seen you?" He replied, "Not if you fly under the radar".
I heard someone say, "I would look to someone in the tower".
Then I heard, "Flight path interrupted".
Captain said, "I was to fly above____ft. "A hand off".
I asked the captain if there was a bomb on board, his response, "Yes, I am the bomb".
I asked him about his family, he replied, "They are not my concern, they belong to someone else".
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 1

Captain came to me in spirit, he showed himself in a taxi driven through a crowed city. The taxi stopped, a man entered, the man wore traditional Arab clothing. Neither man made eye contact, but the man spoke to the captain. The man handed the captain a small object, this object fit into the palm of the captain's hand. The taxi pulled into the airport, the man exited the taxi, and without saying good-bye or making eye contact with the captain, he walked down a short distance and entered the airport. The captain entered the airport at the door the taxi parked near.
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 2

The captain come to me extremely agitated and asked me, "What is taking so long?" Then as he cried and fell to his knees he said, "I am going to Hell".
Captain, sobbing on his hands and knees said, "They promised me. I asked him "Who promised", he replied, "Allah promised".
I asked the captain who was in the taxi with him, he said, "My leader and my teacher".
I asked the captain if there are any survivors, he said, "How can there be".
I asked the captain if he has seen any of the passengers since the crash, he said, "No, they won't let me see them".
He said, "Yes, I told them to pray, we were all going to die".
I asked captain shah, "Where was the Co-Pilot?" Captain said, "dead, I had to subdue him, I did what they asked, there was no way out".
I asked the captain, "Were you forced to do this, he replied, "They were going to kill us all".
I asked the captain, "Where is the plane?" He replied, "You can't reach it, to ensure no survivors".
I asked the captain if he was sorry he did it, he said, "I was misled". I asked him how long he had been planning this, he said, "Years".
I heard him say, "Co-Pilot strangled".
Then the captain said, "I did something I am ashamed of, I killed another man with my bare hands".
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 3

Upon connecting with the Captain, a man unknown to me stood near the Captain. He began speaking to me. He is an older man in his fifties, He has dark hair, he is clean-shaven and hi is wearing a pilot, airline, or military uniform of some sort.
I ask if anybody knows where the plane is located?"
The man said, "You have to understand this information is classified".
Captain speaks and says, "The horn, we are near the horn". He continues with, "There was nowhere to go, we could not run, we could not hide. I had to face the fact we were all going to die".
Captain then said, "They told us not to tell" I asked him, "Who told you not to tell?" "Our government" he replied. I asked him which government that would be, He said, "The one I work for".
Captain then leaned in to me and said angrily, "They took everything from me. They have secrets they don't want told". I told Captain that I just wanted to know where the plane is, he said, "We went off course, we had to. I did not want the plane to crash in a populated area. I knew we were going to die, I knew I would crash the plane".
I asked Captain if he knew he was going to die the day he got on the plane?" He replied, "I had an indication, yes". Then the captain told me that he was in deep and that nobody knew.
I asked him, "Why hasn't anyone claimed victory or responsibility to gloat?" He said, "It wasn't about that". I asked him what it was about. He said, "We were all to be rich and start new lives. It was about the money, we were promised money". "By whom?"  I asked. He replied, "By our leader". I asked him, "Who is your leader?" "The one who prophesies", he replied. "So this was about religion that nobody claims responsibility for, was this a botched mission?" I asked him?
Captain angrily said, "This did not turn out the way they told me it was going to, I had nothing to do with this". I said, "But you are responsible in some respect". He said, "Uh yes, I was to fly the plane". "To where?" I asked him. He replied, "To the coordinates they gave me". "And where would that have taken you?" I asked him. "I don't know", he replied.
I said, "You are a pilot, surely you would know where the coordinates would have taken you when you entered new coordinates".
"Where is the plane, Captain?" I asked him. There was no reply.
I asked Captain again, "Why hasn't anyone raised their hand and said they are responsible, hear my cause". Captain said, "It wasn't about that, it was about the money".
I asked the captain, "Did you know you were going to die?" Sobbing, the Captain replied, "Yes".
I asked him, "Did you know you were taking others with you?" Still sobbing, the Captain replied, "Yes, but I did it for Allah".
End of connection
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 4

Upon connecting with Captain, tearfully he said, "I was a long way from home; I knew I would never go back there. I could not go back, I was too humiliated. I killed another man. They all knew what I did. I just couldn't go back, it was too late".
As he sobbed, I told him, "Speak of what you did and begin the healing process for everyone".
Captain, on his hands and knees cried out tearfully, "I'm a murderer; I murdered a man with my bare hands". He held his hand up in a gesture for me to view.
He then sat down and stopped talking. He looked down toward the ground. I said, "Is that where you want to be, down there away from the light. I will turn my back on you if you are finished talking". I turned my back to him and faced the group of passengers. The passenger #5, female, stepped forward and said, "Please wait, please continue, please tell us the story. Don't give up yet, I beg of you". Passenger #5 turns me to face the captain and says to the captain, "Tell this woman what she needs to know" I stood facing the Captain while the group of passengers stood behind me. I clasped my hands together waiting for a response form the Captain.
"Well, we are all waiting", I said to the Captain. He then said, "I was an arrogant fool. I dumped it into the sea because I didn't want anyone to know of my sins". He stated that he wanted to be home with his family, not his family of wife and kids, but his Arabic family, his Muslim family. Then he said, "It was politically incorrect for me. People would talk, I had to deep quiet". I asked him, "Why not just quit your job and go be with your family, just disappear?" He said, "I had obligations and responsibilities that I have yet to fulfil".
I told him, "Correct, your only obligation and responsibility now is to the people who stand behind me. So continue talking please".
He continued with, "I wanted to show them that I died for the cause. I wanted to have them see me as a great man". Suddenly others came up behind him trying to interfere with his statements. I asked for assistance in keeping the others away, to allow the Captain to continue speaking. When the Captain resumed speaking, he said, "It was just me Madame, I take full responsibility; it was just me and my bare hands".
I asked Captain, "Are you lying again?" At that moment, the people behind him began to close in around him, telling him what to say. They were pressuring him and threatening him.
I asked him, "How is it that the passengers were not able to send messages while still sitting at the gate, even before the plane taxied to the runway and took off. Tell me what happened regarding that, and don't lie to me". The group standing behind him began to council him again on how to respond. I asked again for assistance in having the group removed.
Captain now stands alone. He holds his hand up for me to see something. He states, "This is a device that will disrupt service". I asked him, "Where did the device come from?" Captain was reluctant to answer, so I reminded Captain that nothing they, meaning the group that is coaching him, nothing they do will equal the hell that he will be in if he does not answer and answer truthfully.
He told me, "It was given to me". I asked him, "By whom?" he replied, "By those that were helping me". I asked him, "Who was helping you?" The Captain began to sob and fell to his knees. I asked him again, who was helping him. He said, "My new family, my new life, the life that I wanted".
I asked Captain "Were there persons on board the airplane that helped carry out this mission?" He replied, "Yes". I asked him if it was the man I saw him in the taxi with, He replied, "That is my leader, my father".
I asked Captain if that was the man that gave him the device that would disrupt the cell phone service? Captain responded with, "Yes".
I asked him, "Who else helped him aboard the plane that day?" He said, "There was a man, one man with the power, with the weapon". Then I hear the words, "You will all listen to me, I'm in charge now". Then I see the image of a man yielding a weapon above his head for all to see. The man is wearing a large bulky jacket, a jacket with big pockets that close with flaps.
I asked the captain if he knew ahead of time that this was going to take place, he replied, "Yes".
I asked him if he knew how the weapon got on board the plane, he said, "They have ways of taking care of this. It wasn't of my concern".
I asked him what the ultimate mission was, he replied, "To show force, to show power".
I asked him where were you to go when you set the new coordinates in. He replied, "To the Jungle". I asked him, "What is in the Jungle?" Captain replied, "Cargo, but the cargo is missing".
I asked Captain, "off of what coast did the plane crash?" He replied, "Somalia".
I ended my connection with Captain and reserved the right to connect with him again.
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 5

Upon connecting with Captain, I asked, "Was there an explosion on the airplane?" He replied, "Yes".
I asked him if the plane had been hi-jacked, he replied, "No, I don't think so".
I asked him, "Did you kill Fariq, the Co-Pilot?" he dropped to his knees sobbing, placing his hands over his face, and replied, "Yes".
I asked the Captain, "Did any of the passengers or crew know that you had killed the Co-Pilot?" He replied, "How could they?"
I asked him, if he locked himself in the cockpit, he replied, "Yes".
I asked him, "Did you ever come out of the cockpit to address the crew or the passengers before the plane crashed?" he replied, "No, I did not".
I asked the Captain, "Did you address the crew and the passengers via the intercom before the plane crashed?" He replied, "I may have".
I asked him if he knew he was going to die that day that he boarded the airplane, he replied, "yes".
I asked him if he knew anything about this flight having sensitive cargo aboard, he said, "I was told to be mindful".
I asked him if he knew, what the cargo was, he said, "No, I'm not sure".
I asked him if he knew why they boarded the plane at a different gate than normal, he said, "It was part of the plan, it was offloading cargo, it was special cargo, it was high security".
I asked the Captain if he thought the cargo was in the cargo hold of the plane or on the plane as in passengers, he said, "I don't know".
I asked the captain, "Were you instructed to fly to alternate coordinates once airborne?" He said, "I picked a different route". I asked him, "Who chose the route, you or someone else?" He said, "I chose the route".
I asked the Captain, "Where did you want to go?" He said, "Just away".
I asked the Captain if he was aware that the plane had been hi-jacked, he said, "I was aware of no such thing. It was supposed to look like an accident".
I asked the Captain if he were willing to take the blame for everyone else who was involved?" He replied, "There were others".
I asked the Captain, "Was this about cargo or about God?" He replied, "I had a dream, a vision, I wanted to be one with Allah and they said they could help them". I said, "Meaning your family", he said, "Yes, they were to help me achieve my goals".
I asked him, "How many of your friends were on the flight with you?" He said, "Two perhaps, I don't know for sure".
I asked him, "What was the object given to you in the taxi by the Arab man?" He showed me the image of himself speaking into a cell phone. He ended his call and then dialled another number, spoke for a short time, ended the call and placed the phone in his bag. I asked him if he was getting his final instructions, and he said, "Yes, I was told the mission was on".
I told the Captain that it has been a year later and nobody has claimed responsibility. He looked at me with complete surprise.
I asked him to face the passengers and the crew and to tell them how they died, and why they died. Very remorsefully, hanging his head, fighting back tears, he said, "They died for my stupidity".
I asked him, "Who misled you?", he replied, "The people I trusted".
I told Captain to tell the crew and the passengers how they died. They have a right to know. The captain showed me the image of himself becoming sick to his stomach and vomiting.
I asked him if he had taken drugs during or before that flight, I asked him if that is what the man in the taxi handed to him on the way to the airport. He ran his hands down the side of his slacks; hesitant to answer, he showed me the image of himself drinking a liquid I believe to be alcohol, and sorrowfully answered, "Yes".
I asked him to tell us if the plane crashed, and with his head hanging in shame, he replied, "Yes". I asked the Captain, "Where did the plane crash?' He replied, "I don't care where".
At this point the Captain is emotionally upset and unable to continue, so I ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 6

Upon connecting with Captain, I asked him to tell me what he remembers about the flight. He shows me the image of him standing in uniform outside the plane with a clipboard. He is looking over, checking things on the plane. He is very nervous, he periodically looks up from his task and darts his eyes to his left and then the right. He pulls a cell phone from his pocket. He made a call.
I asked Captain if he abused alcohol or drugs during the flight, he rubs his hand across the back of his neck and nervously states, "I use them to stay awake, yes".
I asked him, "To your knowledge was there a man on the plane with a bomb?" He replied, I don't recall that".
I asked him, "Who miss-led you?" He replied, "My elders, my superiors".
I asked him, "Did you deliberately crash the plane into the ocean?" He replied, "I think so, yes".
I asked him, "Can you remember where you were going?" He said, "Deep sea fishing".
I asked him, "Why did you feel that you needed to destroy the evidence?" He said, "It was painful enough, I couldn't let them find out what I had done". Tearfully, the Captain continues with, "Look what they did to me". I asked, "Who?" He replied, "My family, they abandoned me, they hate me". I asked him, "Why do you think they hate you?" He said, "I tried to do my best, they will take everything away from me, everything I worked so hard for".
At that point Captain was too emotional to continue, so I ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 7

Upon connecting with the Captain, I explained to him that I would no longer be initiating a connection with him. I told him that this project was to find the plane so the victims and their families could have closure, and to pass along messages from the victims to loved ones willing to accept them.
I wished him well seeing that he chose to remain in the company of those that encourage the type of behavior that brought him to this awful place. I wanted him to understand that if at any time he wished to redeem himself and leave the company of negativity, he could do so, but it was entirely up to him.
Finally, I told him that if he wished to initiate contact with me, I would only agree on the condition that he is forthright and honest in divulging the information I sought.
As I was ending my connection, the Captain said, "Atolls, follow the Atolls".
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 8

Upon hearing about a new search effort by a private citizen seeking funds to search the Bay of Bengal for Mh370, I made a connection with the Captain. Today he appeared in his uniform, his demeanour was calm and professional, and he answered my questions without pause. I hope that he answered them truthfully.
I asked the Captain, "Is the plane in the Bay of Bengal?" He replied, "No".
I asked him, "Is the plane near the Maldives?" He replied, "Yes, the southern most tip".
I asked him, "Is the plane near Diego Garcia?" He replied, "No"
I asked him, "Is there land where you are?" he replied, "There is no land, I'm in the sea".
I asked him, "Do you know where the Seychelles are?" he replied, "I'm not there".
I then had the image of a man in military type uniform. I had the impression they had found or were searching for the plane, that this man in military uniform was leading the search. Then I heard a reference to "Japanese".
Gale Stein

#41 Captain Part 9

My final connection with the Captain. I am merely an observer in this connection. A gentleman that I am unfamiliar with has begun questioning the Captain.
Captain, "I was instructed to fly the plane to the southeast quadrant of ____. There I was to ___ the Co-Pilot. I had to abort the mission due to a fire in the cabin".
Man, "What was your mission?"
Captain, "To stop and refuel and then to continue flying south where I was to offload cargo".
Man, "What about the passengers?"
Captain, "The passengers were to be contained until such time they could be taken to safety".
Man, "What happened?"
Captain, "I made a grave error in my ability to carry out the mission. I lost control of the plane".
Man, "To whom?"
Captain, "To those who had other ideas about where the plane should offload. I began the mission with the best of intentions. I take full responsibility".
Man, "The responsibility was shared by the In-Flight Supervisor, was it not?"
Captain, "He was acting on orders".
Man, "Whose orders?"
Captain, "He is personnel, he does what he is told. My instruction were to disengage the radio".
Man, "Who told you to do that?"
Captain, "The Chief in command".
Man, "Do you know what the cargo was?"
Captain, "Military transport".
Man, "You knew about the cargo?"
Captain, "Yes"
Man, "You were involved in a plot to steal the cargo?"
Captain, "Yes".
Man, "What happened?"
Captain, "The explosion on the plane made it impossible for me to complete the mission".
Gale Stein

#42 Male and Female, married couple, Malaysia

Upon connecting with female, I explained my purpose in connecting her and invited her husband in to join us.
I asked her if she united with her baby and she replied, "Yes, my family cares for him while I speak with you". It was then I noticed that he husband had stepped in to join us.
I asked her if she recalls how she got from the plane to where she is now. She said, "We were brought here together by a horse and buggy carriage". I asked her to describe to me where she was now, she said, "To a large farm, it's very peaceful and quiet. It is in the country with lots of trees and fresh air". Her husband spoke and said, "This is where we imagined to go". I said, "You imagined to go together", and he replied, "Yes, we wanted to be together". She then said, "I was very frightened and I didn't want to be alone".
I addressed them both and asked, "What do you remember about your time on the plane?" She replied, "I remember a big jolt and being propelled forward". I asked her if she remembers looking out the window and seeing land or just the ocean. She shows me the image of looking out the window and seeing black/dark grey smoke coming from the airplane, the ocean is below.
I asked her, "What do you recall the crew telling you?" She said, "They were told they had a mechanical failure and we need to turn back". I asked her if she recalls the plane crashing, and she said, "Yes, we were coming down, we were going to hit something. I feel as though we might land". I asked her if she knew where they might have landed, she said, "In the ocean".
I asked her if she could recall what happened after she landed in the ocean, she said, "We were getting out to be taken to the authorities". I asked her if that was when the horse and buggy came to take you, she replied, "Yes".
I asked her if she recalls a fire in the cabin of the plane, no response.
I asked her if she recalls the oxygen masks falling from the ceiling, she replied, "There is no room, people want to get out. The plane was on fire, we just wanted to get out".
I asked her if she recalls what the crew was telling them about what was happening. She said, "People were crying and shouting, let us out, let us out!"
I asked her if she recalls a fight or physical altercation between the crew or passengers, she said, "Everybody was in panic, it was noisy, very noisy and there was much chaos. We were told to be quiet and sit down, stay in our seats and put our heads down. If you would like to pray, do so now, pray that we survive".
I asked her if she recalls an emergency exit being opened, she said, "No, I don't recall that". Then she said, "I was so happy to get off the plane because I couldn't breathe. It was difficult to breathe; I could not catch my breath". She continues with, "Then they told us, come we will take you to where you need to be, we will take you to your family".
I asked her if she and he husband have been told that the plane had indeed crashed and that she was now in spirit with her husband and baby. She said, "Yes, yes we know that. I am here with my family".
I asked her if she had a message for her family, she replied, "My husband helped me keep my peace of mind, I am thankful for him. I am here with my family safe and doing well. I don't know what happened to the others but I am fine". She continued with, "My husband and I are together".
Male, (husband), said, "We are together in spirit, we are happy we are fine, we are together". I asked him to describe to me where he is now, he said, "I'm in the country, it's peaceful and quiet, fresh air, open space. It's very green and calming, this is where we would like to stay". She then says, "Yes, this is a beautiful place".
I asked them both if they recall what happened to their bodies, she replied, "No, I don't and I didn't even look for my body". I asked her if she recalls her body prayed over, she said, "I hope they ship my body to my parents for a proper burial. It is no longer a concern for me". I asked him where he thought his body was, he replied, "In the sea, I suppose". I asked him if he recalls his body having been recovered and prayed over, he said, "No, I think it's still in the plane". I asked him if his family knew his wishes concerning his body and he replied, "They can pray for me because I am here not there, I can hear their prayers, my body cannot".
I asked if I could pray with them and for them and they agreed. I thanked them and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#43 female Malaysia

Upon connecting with her, I asked her if she had any messages for her family, she said, "My husband, I don't know what to do, I imagine he is worried sick".
When I asked her if she could recall anything regarding the crash that might help us determine what happened, she placed her hands to her chest and said, "Oh my God, I was so frightened". She then explained to me that she and a woman who was seated next to her, took hold of each other's hand because they were both frightened.
I asked her if she could recall what had happened, she said, "I heard a loud pop, a bang. Then I became very dizzy".
I asked her if she recalled the cabin filling with smoke after she heard the loud bang? She said, "We were told to put our heads down". I asked her if she was told to put her head down immediately after the bang or was it sometime later? She said, "I don't remember, it happened so fast". Then she repeated a phrase that she recalls hearing, she said, "But we must try to remain calm and stay in our seats".
I asked her if she could remember if there was air rushing throughout the cabin, she said, "No, I don't remember that, all I could think of was, please take me home, get me off this plane. Please take me home, I don't want to die here".
I asked her if she could recall about how long they continued to fly after the big bang, she said, "It was too long, it was getting too close and it was very noisy and I was thinking, we are going to land and be alright".
I asked her if she could recall how she got from the plane to where she is now, she said, "It was a gift from God, a dove flew down to greet me. Then a hand reached out for me, he told me to go with him, that he would take me to safety and I felt very peaceful. I did not feel as though I should worry any longer. All of my fears had vanished". She continued with, "I asked the man what had happened and where was I?" He told me the plane had crashed and I was safe now. I felt very warm, like a warm blanket of love has been wrapped around my shoulders".
I asked her to look around her and take note of her surroundings, then I asked her, "What do you see?" She said, "It's very peaceful and a lot of colors and a lot of stars in the sky. My husband will be very upset that he was unable to join me, he would like it here".
I asked her if she remembered seeing a fire or smoke in the cabin, she said, "No, I don't remember anything like that". I asked her, "What did the crew tell you?" She said, "They told us we were going home, we were landing".
I asked her if she remembers there being turbulence on the plane at any time during your flight, she said, "I remember thinking that I cannot breathe".
I asked her to recall what she could about what was happening around her at any given time of the flight, she said, "The babies went first; they always take the babies first". I asked her, "Who?' and she replied, "The angels, the angels came for the babies".
She then said, "He said we were told we were turning back, that there was no safe place to land".
I asked her if I could pray for her, she agreed. As I began to pray, she said, "Praise be to God", I replied, "Praise be to God, indeed!"
I thanked her and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#44 Female, Malaysian

Upon connecting with her, she mentioned that her life was not finished, that she still had a lot of life to live;
I asked her if she remembers a fire on board the aircraft during her flight, she replied, "Yes, many people were very upset". I asked her if the fire was on the inside of the plane or the outside, she said, "They should have taken precautions for this sort of thing". I asked her, "What sort of thing?", she replied, "The terrible ordeal we were in". I asked her to tell me about the ordeal, she replied, "Many lives are at stake".
I asked her if she thought what happened to the plane was an accident, she replied, "We are going deep sea fishing". I then asked her if she thought the Captain was at fault for this tragedy, she replied, "I kept thinking, is he mad? Why would he treat us like this? I kept thinking we would come down soon and we would be OK". I asked her, "What was the issue with the plane?" She said, "They must know how to fix these issues, and they are well equipped".
I asked her, "What was the issue that needs to be remedied with the plane?" She replied, "The tires were on fire, there was black smoke, it was very rancid and you could see it everywhere". I asked her if she recalled putting the oxygen mask on, she replied, "No, I don't remember doing that".
I asked her, "Was the smoke on the inside of the plane or the outside of the plane?" She said, "it was all around us, we needed to open the windows and get out!'
I asked her, "Do you remember the plane landing?" She said, "Yes" I asked, "Where did it land?" she replied, "in the bottom of the sea".
I asked her if she has any messages to pass along to her family, she said, "I wish you all well, and I love you very much. It is an unfortunate thing that has happened. There is much trouble ahead but you must weather the storm. We cannot speak of the truth, it is for you to discover. My body is for you to do with as you wish". I asked her if she knows where her body is right now, she said, "Perhaps it no longer exists".
I asked her, "How did you get from the airplane to where you are now?" She said, "I was handed a light. A light was placed in my lap. I took hold of the light and raised it over my head. I went with the light, I held on and went with it to where it was going. I believe it was going up". I asked her if she felt that she was traveling through the water, she said, "No not the water, just up through the dark. All I could see was the light". I asked her to describe to me where she is now, she said, "I feel as though I'm in a school yard. I have children all around me laughing and playing. It is very carefree here". I asked her if she had a message for her children. She said, "A mother is never far from her children, I trust they are in good hands, capable hands. I am at peace and I am feeling well".
I asked her if I could pray for her, she agreed. As I began, she interrupted me and said, "But before you do, I must give you this". She turned to pick up a small box that was lying on the floor behind her. The box was the size of a shoe box. I asked her who it was from, she said, "All of us, the passengers". Then I asked her, "To whom is this to go to?" "It is to go to you, this is to help you". I opened the lid to the box. I could see a light brown mass, an animal. As I am inspecting the animal, waiting for it's final image to manifest, she said, "It's not meant to scare you, it's to help you". The image that appeared before me was that of a rat, a dead rat. I asked her, "Please tell me how I am to interpret this message and who is this message from?" She looked me directly in the eyes and while pointing her finger at me said, "You are to see who this belongs to". I asked her to help figure out whom it belonged to, she replied, "Start at who has the most to gain and who has the most to lose". I said, "The passengers had the most to lose and I don't see how anybody had anything to gain". She responded with, "Are you sure about that?"
She turned to leave and as she did she threw a set of keys toward me. She said, "This is another clue".
I thanked her and ended my connection.
Gale Stein - Would anybody like to help me with these clues?

#45 Male, Malaysian

In connecting with him I could hear him talking about rushing down a flight of stairs in hopes to deliver something on time. He then held up several sheets of paper with handwritten text on them. He held them for me to see as he said, "You must give these documents to the officials". I asked him what was on the papers, He said, "This is how we feel". I asked him if that was a list of names of himself and the other passengers?" He replied, "Yes, we want you to tell them how we feel. It's important they've all agreed that they want their feelings known" I told him I would do my best.
I asked him what he would like to say to his family, he said, "I am heartbroken that it ended this way. I did not prepare for this". I asked him how he was doing, he replied, "I have to keep going, keep fighting". I asked him what he was fighting for?  He said, "To be heard, to pass the messages along". I asked him to continue fighting for me to find a way to get the messages passed along without hurting many, including myself. I asked that they all pray for me, pray for my success in this endeavor. He assured me that they will, and that they have my back. I expressed my gratitude.
I asked him if he could relay to me the last things he remembers about being on the plane. He said, "It was a horrible ride, I can't believe it would end this way. I felt very angry and betrayed. I just could not believe it. I did not prepare for something like this. How can a single man determine your fate?" I then heard the word, "Reckless".
I asked him if he could tell me how he got from where he was to where he is now, he replied, "There was an explosion. I was hurled through time and space". I asked him, "Where did you land?" He replied, "On a beach near a jungle. There were men; they said they were waiting for me to take me to safety, that I was to go with them". I asked him to look around and describe to me where he is now. He replied, "I am home, I am where I need to be".
I asked him, "Are you at peace, are you happy?" He replied, "I am resolved, I am calm". I asked him, "When I finish speaking to you, where will you go?" He replied, "To rest".
I asked him, "What is it that you want the world to know about what happened to you and the other's?" He said, "Why did it have to end that way?"
I asked him if I could pray for him, he agreed. I then thanked him and asked him if he had any final words, he said, "Everyone performed their duties".
I thanked him and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#46 Male, Chinese, Artist

Upon connecting with male, I asked him to recount to me how he got from the airplane to where his is now. He began by speaking of a river, he tells of following the flow of a river, feeling as though he were on with the river, moving swiftly. The river emptied out into a larger body of water in which he began bathing, cleansing himself.
I asked him if he could describe to me where his is now, he said, "I am in a small village near the water. There are mountains around me and I am in a green valley. I am with friends and family. I feel very comfortable, peaceful, and content. I feel as if I belong here, I have a great sense of belonging".
I asked him if he had a message for his family, he said, "Enjoy my art, and live in peace. Take heed in the messages, for they are more real than you think".
I asked him if I could pray for him, he agreed. After praying for him, I thanked him and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#47 Male India

Upon connecting with him, I asked him if he could recall what happened on the airplane, he said, "There was jerking and I felt like being on a roller coaster ride". I asked him, "What is the last thing you remember?" He replied, "Waiting, waiting to land, to crash, to die".
I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell his family, he said, "My brother and I got through it together". He also said, "I remember falling, moving un-restricted. I also remember being at a lake with ducks and geese. I wanted to sit and feed the ducks and Geese". I asked him, "Is that where you are now?' He said, "A man came up from behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder. He told me it was time to go now, time to go to be with my family".
I asked him, "Is there anything else you want me to know', he said, "It was a horrible experience, and I am glad it's over". He also expressed to me that he could fee his brother's presence near him. I asked him if I could pray for him, he agreed. After praying for him and his brother, I thanked him and ended my connections.
Gale Stein

#48 Male and Female, (married couple) Australia

This is the last of the connections. Please remember these 48 passengers who are so desperate to get their message to their families, in your prayers. I pray, let the healing begin!
After connecting with female, she informed me that she was with her husband. I then became aware of male's presence. I asked him to tell me about his experience, he responded with, "It was quite the journey and no one needed to die that day".
I asked them, "What would you like to tell your family, your children", female replied, "Well, you can tell them that we are in heaven now".
I asked them if they could tell me what happened on the plane. I heard him say the word, "Joyride". She then referred to the fact that they were all sick. I asked her if she meant they were all motion sick, and she replied, "Yes". She then asked about the two individuals seated in front of them,(their traveling companions, also from Australia). I told her that they were fine, and in heaven together.
I asked them if they recall a fire on the plane or the plane crashing, no reply from either of them to either question.
She said, she recalls a flash of light. I then asked her to recount how she got from the plane to where she is now, she said, "I remember being in my seat, then angels that looked like fireflies all lit up, flew all around me. Then I reached up to touch them". I asked her, "How did you feel around the fireflies?" She replied, "I wanted to be one of them". I asked her where she was now. She said, "I'm with the other fireflies".
I asked him to describe to me what he saw, he said, "I was with a herd of beautiful galloping horses".
At this time my connection was fading, so I asked them if I could pray for them, they agreed. I then prayed for each of them, thanked them, said good-bye
Gale Stein

#49 male Chinese (Doctor)

I ask him if he has any messages for his family, he replies, "For my wife, put away your tears, they are for no good reason. Your sadness has gone on long enough and now you must take charge". He continues with, "Tell her I love her and will think of her everyday".
I asked him if he had a message for his family. He says, "My family has been very good to me, I think of them with kindness. I am at peace and very comfortable".
I asked him what he wants to say to the world, he says, "I am not bitter, I have come a long way". I ask him, "What do mean that you've come a long way?" He replies, "In my thinking and how I feel about things".
I told him that I am very happy that he has found peace. He replied, "Peace and gratitude". I asked him what he was grateful for, he said, "the kindness that everyone has shown me. I was made to feel very welcomed here". I asked him if he would describe to me where he was. He said, "I'm in a small village in Peking, that is where I chose to go. I am very happy here".
I asked him what he was doing in the village, he said, "I work with my hands, I create, I am very satisfied. It is very quiet and peaceful here. I feel like I am doing some good".
I ask him if he remembers how he got from the airplane to where he is now. He says he was pulled out of a fire. Someone pulled him out. He thinks his legs were not working.
"Once he pulled you out, this man, where did he take you?" I asked him. He replied, "He said we were to go with him and he would take us to safety". "And where did he take you?" I asked.
"Here" the man replied. I asked him, "Where is here?" "To my village. There had been an accident and I was to wait here for my family".
I asked him, "Did he tell you that you are in spirit and that your body did not survive the accident?" He replied, "Yes, at first I was very upset but I am at peace now". I asked him if he wanted to go back and see his body to be sure he is in spirit. He replied, "No, why would I want to do that? I have everything I need here".
I asked him if he had any instructions for what he would like to have done to his body when they find the airplane. He said, "right now I am in a mass grave".
"Do you mean that all of the passengers and crews bodies are together?" He replied, "Yes, we are all together in the plane. There are those who still will not leave their bodies, they are staying next to them"
I asked him, "Do you think they are waiting for a proper burial?" He said, "They are waiting, yes, they don't want to leave. They are afraid to leave, they are clinging to their old ways".
I asked him if he had instructions on what to do with your body and he said, "My family will know what to do. They will do it with kindness and love and that is all that is what is required".
I said, "Earlier you mentioned a fire, do you recall an explosion?"
He said, "I got hit with something"
At this point I begin to lose my connection, so I quickly asked him if I could pray for him, he agreed. I thanked him and lost my connection.
Gale Stein

#50 male Chinese Artist

As I connected with him I asked him if there was anything he wanted his family, the world, to know about his experience on the airplane. He said, "I came to my death with an open heart. I prayed to my God to save me".
I asked him if he remembers how he got from the plane to where he is now? He said, "I raised my arms up, I was like a child being lifted up by my grandfather. I went into my grandfather's arms. They were very strong and comforting, they held me tightly and I was not afraid anymore".
I asked him if he could tell me where he is now or tell me where he was just before I called for him and also what he does in the spirit world. He says he spends time praying in a temple, "There are beautiful gardens all around and I take joy in the tranquil waters".
I asked him, "If you feel up to it, please tell me some of the last things you remember about being on the airplane". He said, "We were all going to die, I was certain of it, so I asked my God to receive me" Then he speaks of being lied to. He states that they were told they were going to land, but they did not, they crashed. He feels they were lied to.
I asked him what he would like to tell his family, He said, "This is not good-bye, I live on, I left my mark upon the world for all to enjoy. You can keep me with you in your heart and your love for all things beautiful"
I thanked him and asked if I could pray for him, he agreed. I prayed for him and ended my connection.

Brief Connection from Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrad (Christian Kozel)

This connection was ended just as he was giving me the names of those involved, I was however able to get two names from him before I was cut off.  I discovered this and a couple more messages on my recorder while looking for other information. I can't believe I missed this; perhaps it is of the grace of God that I came across it now. It is helping to put a couple of pieces together.
As soon as I connected with Pouria, I hear loud screaming in my ear. Then I was able to see him; he was extremely angry, pointing his finger at me. It was him that was screaming at me, "I hate you!" I asked him, "Why?" He furiously yelled to me, "for making me do this".
I asked him, "What is it I'm making you do?" He yelled, "Stand her in front of all of these people and tell them what I did". I asked him if he knew where he was, still in an angry rage he replied, "In some kind of hell".
I asked him "Why do you think you are in some kind of hell?" He replied, now with his tone softening, "Because of what I did".
I asked him, "What did you do?" He replied, "I went against the laws of man".
I then heard the word, "Abraham".
Pouria then places his hand on his chest and says, "I'm not a bad kid, I WAS JUST DOING AS I WAS TOLD"
Pouria shows himself writing a note, he says there was a note. He shows himself writing a note and then folding it up into a small piece. I think he had it in his clothing, in his jacket pocket.
I'm not getting a lot of information from him and felt our connection slipping away. Just as I decided to end our connection, he said, "No, wait. Tell my mother that I love her". I told him that he would have to give me something in return, in exchange for doing that for him.
I asked him, "Who was involved in taking the plane down?'
He replied, "The captain, the Stewart........", and a couple of others that I could not make out the names enough to repeat them into the recorder. It was then they cut me off and I lost my connection.
Gale Stein

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"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" -The Captain

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My spirit guide is showing me that a device was detonated on board MH370 and the plane was blown into many many pieces mid air, the explosion was so intense that the pieces are literally scattered so far apart across the ocean, some are even now stuck and partially buried in the ocean. This device being detonated was a deliberate act of terror which was very carefully planned and conducted. The person responsible sacrificed their own life in order to carry out this sickening attack and they did it as an extremist. This person didn’t act solely and had some assistance and was encouraged to act this way in revenge by terrorist groups. I am being told by my spirit guide that it happened instantly so like one press of a button and the plane was blown to smithereens.

I am told by my spirit guide that the odd piece may be recovered from the ocean over time and even years and years into the future but the plane is in so many small pieces that basically no. The only way the mystery will be resolved is if the authorities can trace the making and gaining of materials of the explosive device here to someone who was on board that plane and then they can start to piece together the puzzle but still it’ll never be a definite answer and would be left as a ‘it’s likely this happened’.

Psychic Answers MH370

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